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Power Rangers Thunder Strike


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Gorgeous header made by Zephy.

This story idea concept isn't new because way back eons ago when I first joined PRE I came up with this idea. Now some 10 plus years later and this dire need to write this (with some help of course) I've remastered it and changed some stuff. And now I have this master piece. Lol. I do want to thank some peeps because without them this wouldn't be possible.

Zephy: she was kind enough to resize my cast and do my gorgeous header.

Robbie: for his permission to use Robbie Hart.

Danny: for his permission to use Brad Gibson and Dru Gallagher. And for plotting with me.

Andrew: for his permission to use Kyle Hart, Caleb Wyatt Charlie Hargrove and for plotting with me on Kyle and Trista. Just like Rebirth, this story wouldn't be possible without his help. And plus I want my Kyle/Trista story.

And so the fun begins.



Deep in the mountains over looking the city of Raven Crest a gate connected to the dark realm of evil goes unnoticed from prying eyes. Centuries old and inactivated, keeping what lies behind the metal trapped.

One night while all was quiet something...someone came before the ancient gate of Aurelian and broke the protective seal releasing its greatest warrior, Durjaya from his prison. His mission: find the missing gates of Phrygia and Kamoliddin and be reunited with his comrades Adhira, the goddess of lightning and Melancton, a wicked tyrant with an icy cold heart. Together, they will rule the earth and make it their dark kingdom.

But someone else has other plans. During a short confrontation with Durjaya, Xylia, the guardian of the gates releases her greatest asset: the spirits of the thunder zords: find your new warriors and bring them to me. Durjaya must be stopped before he finds Adhira. The dire sound of her voice sends the spirits out in search for their new warriors.

One by one the spirits find their warriors, imprinting with their hosts and bringing them to Xylia. This isn't their first picnic and together they have something that no other team had: experience.

But will this be enough to stop Durjaya and his unstoppable will of finding the next gate?


Kyle Hart : Red Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Garrett Hedlund
Trista Conners : Pink Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Julianne Hough
Phoenix Gallagher : Silver Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Katherine McNamara
Brad Gibson : Blue Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Chris Evans
Caleb Wyatt : Green Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Matt Lanter
Lindsey Hunter : Yellow Thunder Strike Ranger :: played by Willa Holland

Guest Appearances

Dru Gallagher: played by Charlie Hunnam
Melina: played by Emeraude Toubia

Robbie Hart: played by Drake Bell
Evalyn Carrie-Hart: played by Mischa Barton

Kimberly Hart: played by Amy Jo Johnson
Tommy Oliver: played by Jason David Frank

Ares Kellan: played by Seth Rollins
Charlie Hargrove: played by Taissa Farmiga

Xylia: The Guardian of the Gates :: played by Zhang Ziyi

Durjaya: Gate of Aurelian greatest warrior :: played by Dwayne Johnson

Slime Ghouls

Dark Phantoms

Chapter Titles

Prologue: It Has Begun

Chapter One: Dream of Darkness

Chapter Two: Side Effects

Chapter Three: Help Has Arrived

Chapter Four: From The Future

More to come..

And since my character bios are long you will find them in the next post.
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Thunder Strike Kyle Hart.png

Name: Kyle Hart

Age: 25

Home: Earth-Angel Grove

Family: Kimberly Hart -younger sister
Robbie Hart -nephew

Abilities: Super Strength -ranger given

Love Interest: Trista Conners

Ranger Color: Red Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Key, Storm Blade

Zord: Thunder Lion

Played By: Garrett Hedlund

Background: Music has always been apart of his life. It runs in his family, from his mother and father singing country to his younger sister, Kimberly to his nephew, Robbie. There is always music being played. Kyle knew he had found his true calling. When he was in high school he started a band called The Wishful Prophets with his friends.

They were unsuccessful for a while only playing school talent shows or school dances until word finally reached out about the band, signing on for paid gigs at birthday parties and weddings. But sadly it was never enough to keep him from living on his own. His parents basement became his home. While living with his family, secrets unfolded about his sister and her life as a power ranger.

Though their battles were short lived and Rita Repulsa was stopped by Kimberly and her fellow rangers, all was quiet for a few years. He wrote his own songs, sent out demos to recording companies and continued to play those parties he was beginning to regret. This was starting to put a ripple in his band.

When evil rose up again shocking the world that Rita Repulsa has returned bigger, bad and more determined to destroy the rangers that have given her such a headache for all those years. The original rangers knew they had to pass on their power coins to the next generation. Hand chosen by Jason Scott and Rocky DeSantos, Kyle was granted the powers of the Red Ranger and leadership of his own team.

But this time around Rita was much more than they could handle. It took a lot out of Kyle and his team to bring Rita down. With battered bodies and scars that will last forever, in the end good prevailed and Rita was stopped once and for all.

It's been almost a year since their last fight, hanging up his Morpher in hopes that he wouldn't need it again Kyle continues to pursue his dream and finally made amends with his band when they had a fall out; his ranger days no longer consumed him. He has his heart set out to do the one thing all musicians aspire for, write one song that truly means something.


Name: Trista Conners

Age: 18

Home: Earth-Angel Grove

Family: Owen Conners -older brother

Abilities: Psion: telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, telecyber-birth given

Love Interest: Kyle Hart

Ranger Color: Pink Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Locket, Storm Stars

Zord: Thunder Cat

Played By: Julianne Hough

Background: It hasn't always been easy growing up. When she was just a young girl, her parents were killed in a car accident leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. It took a toll on her with emotions she didn't understand. Weird things started to happen and the older she got the more out of control the weird things became. She tested her grandmothers patience through her rebellious stages; getting in trouble with the law, smoking and drinking at the age of thirteen. She had a hard time expressing herself and not understanding if her troubled ways were hers or if they belonged to someone else's. It wasn't until she turned fourteen that she received the maximum eye opener, putting her grandmother through so much grief and mayhem that her grandmother experienced a mild heartache. Grief stricken, Trista crumbled before her grandmother begging her to not leave her too. All was spilled that night in the hospital room.

When her grandmother was well enough on her feet again, the two came to terms with Trista's behavior and her weird abilities. A few months later, they moved to Angel Grove, California for a fresh start and Trista promised her beloved grandmother she would behave. And she has been true to her word still to this day.

Starting over was rough in the beginning. New school and new friends. Though she was young, she took a self defence class taught by no other than Jason Scott. She saw it as a way to help better herself as well as being able to keep her abilities under control.

She managed to keep her abilities a secret and tried to be normal. But that didn't last long. During an attack on the city by dark clad soldiers Trista had no choice but to save herself. Her telekinesis rose above and destroyed the foot soldiers. She thought she was alone but turned out she had an audience who she would discover were the power rangers.

When Rita returned with a heart full of vengeance, Kimberly Hart graced Trista with her very own Morpher. "I believe in you, Trista. I believe you will bring something special to the team." Kimberly told her. She knew she was way over her head when she accepted the challenge but she knew this was her calling. The fights were brutal and many times she would go home with bruises that stayed for weeks. But hard work and a determination Trista and her team defeated the vixen.

It's been almost a year since she hung up her Morpher. She now focuses mainly on her art and drawings using her ranger days as inspiration and teaches a class at the high school for children and teens who want to learn art.

Name: Phoenix Gallagher

Age: 19

Home: Galaxy X

Family: Dru Gallagher -older brother
Fynn Gallagher -younger sister

Abilities: Witch, Elemental: Fire, Healing -birth given

Guardian of Eruantane a Phoenix bird who has been in her family for centuries, Phoenix's familiar.

Love Interest: Brad Gibson

Ranger Color: Silver Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: Red Strike Force Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Bracelet, Storm Daggers

Zord: Thunder Tiger

Played By: Katherine McNamara

Background: A natural born witch and elemental wielder over fire, Phoenix Gallagher was born and raised on Galaxy X, a distant planet from Earth. She lacked the normalcy in her childhood, if she wasn't practicing her craft she was training for the day she would join the Strike Force team; a special group of fighters that defended their home from evil. Having come from a line of witches, Phoenix was blessed with the family familiar: Eruantane, a mystical phoenix who has been in her family for generations. She guards her furry feathered friend as she would any human.

When she turned seventeen, all her hard work and dedication. Years of training and mastering moves that were considered to be to much for her, Phoenix was granted Red status and leadership of the Strike Force's newest team. Through her tough exterior and business before pleasure attitude they were unstoppable. They defended their home with an iron fist and accomplished a lot for such a young team. When their nemesis Arklyn and The Council of Evil set out their ways and headed for Earth, Phoenix took her team there where they encountered Earth's own mighty heroes; The Ninja Storm Rangers, together they took back Earth from Arklyn and the Council of Evil.

During their time on Earth, Phoenix began to see things differently and started to lightened up on her team. But she had help along the way. Though it was short lived on Earth, Phoenix cherishes the memories and the friends she made.

Before making her way back home, word came from her younger sister Fynn that Dru was in trouble. Legendary villain, the one that her predecessors fought, Lord Vallen, had persuade her brother to the dark side. Now it was made personal. She spent the next few months along with fellow Strike Force Ranger, Brad Gibson, seeking out her brother.

And when she finally did find Dru, also known as Dreymond, in Angel Grove, California, she made it her mission to break whatever hold Vallen had on him. Through blood, bruises and sweat, torturous battles and heart ache, Phoenix broke the hold over Dru by destroying the weapon that gave him the power.

While home Phoenix and her fellow teammates still defend and protect Galaxy X and help her brother transition back to the good person that she knows he is.


Name: Brad Gibson

Age: 19

Home: Galaxy X

Family: Tyler Gibson -cousin

Abilities: Manipulate and Create Ice: birth given

Love Interest: Phoenix Gallagher

Ranger Color: Blue Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: White Strike Force Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Lock, Storm Sword

Zord: Thunder Dragon

Played By: Chris Evans

Background: Growing up as the only child that is gifted in the Gibson household, Brad Gibson tried his very best to please his parents and to be the good son he desperately tried so hard to be but it never seemed to be enough...it was never good enough. He felt like an outcast to his family for being the way he was, "special". And it broke his heart.

When he turned sixteen he left his parents house and joined the academy in hopes to better himself and get better control of the ice that chilled his veins. He trained hard and over came obstacles that came his way. With his determination and the will to help others, able to handle himself in touch situations he was called to the Strike Force Rangers under the watchful eye of Amelia, the White Strike Force Ranger. And when the time came Amelia was pleased with her decision to pass on her power to Brad. She knew he would do her proud. Brad was honored and knew he had to do his best to not let her down.

Having Phoenix Gallagher as the leader never seems to phase him or taking orders from a woman. She was hard working and knew what was best for the team. Together they kept their home protected from all those who came to threaten their beloved planet. He followed suit willingly when Arklyn and The Council of Evil decided to change direction and head to Earth. They helped out Earth's own heroes, The Ninja Storm Rangers to stop Arklyn and The Council of Evil from releasing their master plan: destroy all and take over Earth.

Though, sometimes his childish antics can get on Phoenix's nerves, Brad knows when to be serious and when duty comes before pleasure. "You gotta have a little fun sometimes." He would tell her often. And during a confession of hearts spilling moment, Brad told her about his family and how Strike Force has helped him cope. Without his fellow teammates and friends, Brad couldn't imagine what path he would have taken.

When it was time to go back home, a distress call came from Phoenix's sister: their brother Dru has lost his way. Without hesitating, Brad told Phoenix he was coming with her to find him. Dru was a friend and when a friend was in need, he wanted to help. Together, they went out and searched finding him in Angel Grove, California. Their fights were brutal, encountering the new improved Dru known as Dreymond. Every step of the way Brad helped Phoenix get her brother back.

The intensity of their battles were short lived and was happy to be home. He still defends Galaxy X but not like before. And when he's not out trying to save their planet, you can find him tinkering with electronics or creating a program that would better him and his teammates.

More bios to come...
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Name: Lindsey Hunter
Nickname: Lindy

Age: 19

Home: New Tech City

Family: Aiden Hunter -father
Caroline Hunter -mother
Rose Watson -grandmother
Elena Hunter -younger sister
Carter Hunter -older sister
Lannon Hunter -older brother
Max Hunter -older brother
Braxton Hunter -older brother
Evan Hunter -older brother

Abilities: Shape Shifter: White Wolf -fur as white as snow, deep chocolate brown with specks of green eyes.: birth given

Love Interest: Caleb Wyatt

Ranger Color: Yellow Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: SPD Blue Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Charm, Storm Sais

Zord: Thunder Deer

Played By: Willa Holland

Background: Family has always been important to her. Growing up with a father who was the Alpha's right hand, she was taught the value of what it means to be family, no matter the differences one holds. She looks out for her family and friends, cherishing the bond she holds with them. She trains with her older brothers and a few of the other warriors and hunters, enhancing her abilities of scent and tracking. She never backs down when she was told women don't normally want to become hunters. Lindy would tell them she's not like everyone else.

When she was eight, Lindy met ten year old, Ares Kellan, a small town boy who liked to cause trouble. He was sent to live with his aunt and uncle because he was too much for his parents to handle. And when he came to the pack's compound, his aunt and uncle were great friends with the pack leader, Lindy and Ares hit it off. They would soon become best friends.

For the next several years and into their teenage years, Lindy and Ares were inseparable. She taught him the way of the pack and he showed off by lighting up the sky for her. They did everything together.

Ares was the first to join SPD academy, he wanted a purpose; his wild ways were behind him. And when she turned seventeen, old enough to venture out of the pack life, Lindy discovered that she wanted to do more for her community and use her skills as a shifter to help those in need. Against her father's better judgement but with his blessing she enrolled at SPD academy.

Upon arrival, wandering around the campus, lost as she was trying to find her way to see the Commander she met a boy. A boy who tickled her fancy. He was kind when he offered to show her the way. Though her conversation with him was short when they arrived at the Command Base, Lindy was smitten by the one who was called Caleb Wyatt.

Over the next couple of months, Lindy got herself into a routine. She trained hard and worked throughout the community. She crosses path with Ares, a reunion she was happy for the familiarity. Just like old times, the two best friends were inseparable. They would train together and push each other to the limits.

Almost a year since joining the academy, positions to fill the B-Squad became available through a series of challenges and through strength and dedication and a will to prove she is just as worthy as anyone else, Lindy got her chance to prove she had what it took and became the next blue SPD ranger. And over the course of the next couple of months she trained and prepared with her fellow rangers, naturally bonding with them too. Something that happens when a wolf shifter thinks of their group as pack mates. She got close to her fellow ranger and leader, the boy she found herself fancying since day one. Their relationship only lasted a short time when Lindy wanted more. His drive for greatness and his duty to be so much more got in the way. They fought, broke up and she leaves the team and goes back home. It was a heartache she never wanted to experience.

For six months she stayed away in order to find herself and learn to deal with her heartache. A shifter who loses a mate, the outcome is always catastrophic. And with the help of her mother and her grandmother, Lindy manages. And later returns just in time when demon lord, Lord Rissien graced his presence. In a matter of three days, Lord Rissien bested the rangers and did the one thing no one saw coming: he destroyed the Commander and brought the city to its knees. They barely survived the blast that rocked the ground and turned their command base to rubble.

So much destruction and pain laid in Lord Rissien's wake. They lost their yellow ranger; killed in action. Double cross and mistrust from another and finding out that their beloved Commander was gone. And to make matters even more strenuous, Lindy still has strong feelings for Caleb.

In the final showdown with Lord Rissien, the fight was hard and brutal and before they could stop the demon lord, the unthinkable happens, Lindy suffers the ultimate betrayal and falls at the hands of a pack mate. Just as the lights go out a woman with hair as red as fire appears whispering words she will forever hold on to.


Name: Caleb Wyatt

Age: 23

Home: New Tech City

Family: Douglas Wyatt -father
Emily Wyatt -mother

Abilities: Rapid Cellular Regeneration: birth given

Love Interest: Lindy Hunter

Ranger Color: Green Thunder Strike

Past Ranger History: SPD Red Ranger

Gear: Thunder Morpher, Communication Ring, Strike Cycle

Weapons: Thunder Blaster, Gates of Evil Pin, Storm Double Axe

Zord: Thunder Firebird

Played By: Matt Lanter

Background: Born into the military, his family moved around from town to town. Nowhere truly felt like home until he and his parents settled down in a military base just outside of New Tech City. He was fascinated by the city, especially by the command base of Space Patrol Delta.

At the age of 16, Caleb began to train himself to one day join the ranks at SPD and after graduating high school, he was accepted into the academy. The rest from there was history.

Caleb took to the shooting range. His skills with the gun were unmatched by any in his class. Soon he found himself ranked as one of the highest at the academy. His skills didn’t go unnoticed, catching the attention of the higher ranking officers. When the time came for the selection of the newest ranger team, he seemed to be the only natural choice for team leader and Red Ranger.

He is very strong willed and goal oriented. He always puts his career and training first, which can be both a strength and a weakness for him. He always thought himself to be destined for greatness. His focus is typically unwavering when he sets his mind to something. He dreams of joining the high ranks of SPD one day, earning himself a seat among legends such as Doggie Cruger and Sky Tate. His focus and drive has, however, cost him many relationships in his life. While he doesn’t see it to be a flaw in his personality, others around him will say otherwise.

Caleb is put to the ultimate test as a ranger and as a leader when demon lord, Lord Rissien made his presence. Nothing could ever prepare him for the destruction that would soon follow. The sacrifice of his teammate and the betrayal that caught them all by surprise. When the Commander and their headquarters fell, he tried his best to take hold of the situation. But it became too much and realized that this was not a one man show and really needed his team.

In the final showdown between Lord Rissien and his demons, the fight was unbearable, brutal and down right the hardest thing he has ever encountered. They fought to the very end. But when the unthinkable happens, in a last effort to stand victorious above the rangers, Lord Rissien sets his final plan into action, one he was never prepared to witness.

When a group of rangers from the past came to their aid, he knew there was more to fight for than just the future.


Name: Xylia
Alias: Elizabeth Jones

Other Names: The Chosen One, The Guardian

Age: 225 but looks to be in her late 20s-early 30s

Family: Michael Jones -husband

Abilities: Immortality, Healing, Guardian Call

Weapon: Guardian Staff

Played By: Zhang Ziyi

Background: Long ago, before Xylia became the watcher, the guardian of the ancient gates of Evil she lived a good life. She was married to a man named Michael and for the first year of their new marriage everything was great. They were happy...She was happy.

But her happiness was cut short soon after when a man cloaked in white appeared at her door claiming she was this chosen one and he wanted her to take her rightful place as the Guardian of the three ancient gates of evil. Uncertain of her path, Xylia wanted to talk to her husband about this; this was a life changing event. When she got home though, Michael was gone.

Nathaniel soon appeared and explained about who she really was. A long line of guardians who watch over Earth in protection. Guard of the ancient gates. He told her if ever the Gates were unlocked, the hell that would follow would destroy all that was good. Free will, would be taken away. It's an important job to take but if she did not than all of humanity would be lost. "Can you live with that, Elizabeth?" He asked her.

Conflicted, she took her place knowing that the safety of the world depended on her. Over the course of a month she visited her home in hopes that her husband would be there. But he was not. Still too this day she wondered what happened to him. Nathaniel holds the secret of her husband's whereabouts...

She trains to fight and protect. Granting immortality to guard the Gates, she even changed her name knowing that Elizabeth Jones was no more. She studied the history surrounding the Gates and their inhabitants. She defended them whenever it came to be that someone would try to unlock one of the gates. She sent strays home when fantasy became reality and curious minds wanted to know if what they say was true. What lies above their cities.

Two hundred years is a long time to be the watcher. And most days it was quiet. She adapted to the ever growing times and the way of life. During that time, a box was given to her. If there ever was a time that something escapes the gate the box holds the answers. One night during a thunderstorm, Xylia opened the box and inside resting beneath the silk cloth, six ancient animal spirits laid. At first nothing happened but when a loud thunder crackles and she dropped the box, each orb falling to the dirt. The sound of thunder awoken the beasts. She collected them and held them in her hand. Shining dimly they made her aware she is no longer alone. They imprinted on her soul and showed her who they really were. Ancient zords who imprint on their hosts to guide them along their journey as the Thunder Rangers. "If you need us." Thunder Lion spoke inside her head. "Call upon us and we will honor you with our greatest warriors." "We will watch over you, Guardian as you have watched over us." Thunder Deer voice was soft and gentle. "Together we will help you guard the Gates." Thunder Cat purred.

Xylia still has a lot to learn and do to keep her world safe, but knowing that she's not alone in this fight if it ever came to light it makes her decision to give up her life for the greater good, a little less hurtful.

More to come...
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Well, I think it goes without saying that I am BEYOND stoked for this! It's nice to see Kyle and Trista back in action. They have always been one of my favorite couples. I remember Phoenix and Brad from back in the day too, so I'm glad to see them back at it! Everything looks great so far and I'm literally sitting here anxiously awaiting the first chapter! So get on it!
Gotta say I'm really excited to read this. Never did I think Brad and Dru would ever get used for anything ever again. That's mostly because I thought I'd never be RPing Power Rangers again. lol I'm looking forward to seeing the first chapter. This is gonna be awesome!


See I am with Andrew, get on it so I can read. lol I know you were already telling me about it before so I wanna see it! It sounds very interesting. And Andrew and Danny already know about the characters and stuff, i'm new to this. So now you have to put it up soon, so there! :P


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Thank you guys kindly. A few more bios have been added with a few more to come. Finally got my team together. Hope you guys like the first part and I promise not to take so long next time.

Prologue: It Has Begun

Raven Crest was a small, quiet town. It was peaceful and welcoming. The place to be if you were looking to get away from the city life or a great place to start a family.

Many come for that reason alone.

Like most places, they have secrets. Dark secrets. Secrets that go back long before a town or city made roots. Before the people made their homes, built their shops and paved their roads. Before building their lifestyle around a mountain.

Raven Crest is no exception.

But its secret holds more than just spreading of words. Nighttime camp stories and the fear to keep those away.

High above the mountain, the dark secret is laid to rest, concealed by magic and guarded by a fierce monster.

No one dares to enter.

And this is where the story begins. Darkness will spread and chaos will be enviable. With great evil comes warriors who are destined to protect and fight for what they believe in.


It was mid summer's day. Raven Crest was busy as the town got ready for the 4th of July that was just around the corner. Festivities were planned out for the day, the local police department had called in the neighbouring city for help with putting on a spectacular display of fireworks down by the lake front. And while the police took care of the future oohs and ahhs, the community placed decorations throughout the town and set up the large picnic area for everyone to join in the potluck. A Raven Crest tradition for more than twenty years.

She stood at the entrance of the cave, looking down at the town before her. Faint, barely audible music could be heard. Towns people moved around, interacting with each other as they hung banners and flags. Pinwheels of various reds, white and blues, spin gently in the light breeze. Lights were wrapped around trees and were tested to make sure they worked before moving on to the next.

Xylia watched. She has been around long enough to know what was happening down below. They were getting ready to celebrate. In a few days, everyone would gather as the display of crackles, booms and pretty lights will light up the sky. They will come together for laughter and dancing, music she was not quite custom to yet. Games of all sorts will take place in the park. She was particularly fond of watching the sack race. She found it amusing when she witnessed it for the first time a few years back and she did the one thing that she has not done in so long: laughed when a chain reaction from one runner caused everyone to fall.

A great sadness washed over her, longing to be apart of it. She misses the interaction with the town's people, one she did in secrecy. Her job as the guardian was too important. She took that oath to protect her home and the gates she guarded. A lot of years went by without so much of a soul to talk too. One could not expect her to be completely alone?

"It's okay to want, guardian." The Thunder Tiger's seductive purr echoes in her mind. "We long for the day our warriors claim us."

Xylia nodded, understanding their need to be claimed by their rightful owners. She was their conduit, their protector. She guarded the spirits as she would the gates; with an iron fist.

"Don't be sad." Thunder Deer spoke quietly. "One day you will live out the rest of your life in harmony."

But not today.

Today she would leave to visit the other two gates, check the wards that were in place. Unlike the gate Aurelian; hidden in the mountain and the closet to civilians, Phrygia and Kamoliddin were hidden deeper and further away. They required little attention with no access for humans. She didn't have to visit often.

She grabbed what she needed and set the protection spells to keep the town's people from wandering inside. It wouldn't be the first time. Last month alone she had unexpected visitors three different days in one week. She over heard them speaking, they wanted to know if the stories were true. But Xylia stopped them before they entered. She spooked them and they went running. If they believed it was fake a little mind altering and sent them on their way.

She sighed softly, shaking her head. Their curiosity was becoming more often. She needed to come up with a better strategy when she returns. Someone was bound to unravel the truth sooner or later...or even worse: get themselves killed. It was something she couldn't bare to happen.


Deep in the shadows he watched and waited until the guardian was gone before he moved. Time was of the essence to set his plan into motion. He has waited far too long for this moment.

He levitated across the ground of the cave careful to not trip the wards he knew the guardian had planted. Security measures to keep those away who shouldn't know about the gate. Set the alarm off and have every high council come rushing in to defend their lives from anyone who was trying to activate the gate.

He knew the guardian had placed deadly force around the gate, he watched her from the shadows a few times. The outer perimeter has the wards of protection; he watched her install them. Their main purpose was to trip and silently activate and let the guardian know someone has entered the cave. The second set of wards were to mildly shock you with each step you took towards the gate. The third and final ward was a force field that would ascend from the floor, a series of crystals blended in well with the rock formation that would activate the moment you touch the ground. They were the simplest of contraptions but the most effective.

The gate was gold and silver, rugged and covered in dust and cobwebs. Centuries it went untouched. Years of it being inactive. He felt its power pulling him towards it, sending a chill down his spine. He waited for this moment, it took along time to plan and now that it has come to pass he leaned back and admired his accomplishments.

His smile only grew wider, more twisted and sadistic when he reached into the front pocket of his black cloak and pulled out an object, an object that held great power, the object that he spent most of his unnatural life searching for. It took a lot of years, blood and sweat to track down all six parts of the ancient key. There was no turning back. This was his mission; his destiny.

He ran a gloved hand over the outer metal, swiping away the dust and cobwebs that collected on the gate. He felt the indent groove and inserted the key in its place and gave it a slight turn to the right.

The loud click echoed throughout the cave, the key moved by itself as the contraption opened up and pulled the key deeper into the groove. The empty space between the frame of the gate flickered sending a bolt of bluish white electricity. And than another and another until the energy surrounded the middle of the gate, humming and buzzing; zapping each exposed part until it was full. The humming grew louder as the vortex appeared, swirling around and growing larger with each second that past.

Laughter erupted from the man's throat, deep, dark and pride reeked from his bones. "It has begun!" He exclaimed, joyous of his accomplishments. "No one can stop..." His words faded from his mouth, a burning sensation struck his chest before indescribable pain rattled his insides as his eyes fell to his chest. A greenish colored object...no it was a greenish colored arm that was barreled deep inside him. Blood soaked and sputtered from his parched lips, he could only muffle a gurgle. Another hand slipped through the portal and grabbed a hold of his robe and yanked him towards the gate. His hands tried to brace himself from being sucked in, but they felt weak, shaky. Pain rippled through his body, the more he was pulled the more blood seeped out. The more stars sparked his vision wiping away any chances to see. He tried to struggle, move away. But his very essence was leaving his body. The low rumble of a growl reached his ears as he was pulled once more. The portal closing in around him, leaving only a staggering cry of Why behind...

The ground began to shake and rumble as the gate had its first taste of blood in over two hundred years. It shook out of control, anything within reach tumbled to the ground. The crystals that kept the barrier in place moved breaking the seal and deactivated the trap that was sure to stop anything that would step out of the portal. Flashes of white light swirling through the black energy and with a pop the light grew. First an arm came through and than a leg and than the remains of a man stepping out. Dressed in black and gold, his hair was slick back and tied. His eyes were solid black as he blinked adjusting to the brightness of the light that was beginning to simmer down. Across the left side of his cheek, a scar he had received long ago. A scar he has not forgotten.

He watched as the misty substance around his hands disappear, flexing his fingers as bones cracked. He tilted his head from side to side allowing those muscles to pull and stretch. He eased the kink out of his shoulders and the stiffness in his body. Too long he has been trapped in his cage. Tortured years of his mind playing desperate tricks of freedom and happiness.

Not anymore.

He didn't stick around, leaving the compound of the cave. His strength was depleted. A long time has passed since his freedom and he was going to need his strength for his mission: free his friends from their pits of hell.

A smirk twisted upon his lips. Soon. He thought. Hell will rain down and he will concur. His smile grew as he stepped out into the night.


The light dissipated and the vortex dwindled down to just a tiny speck of energy. The key fell from its place to the ground and broke into six pieces. Their power lifted, no longer needed.


The protection was in place as Xylia finished putting the wards up around Phrygia. She changed them often to keep them from being cracked and so far for the last fifty years it seems to have worked.

She was ready to move on to Kamoliddin when she was struck with an unfathomable pain in her chest. Its pulse radiated through her body, shaking her all the way down to the very essence of her being. She cried out and stumbled forward, her legs shook as they gave out beneath her and she fell to the ground. She clenches her chest.

"Guardian." Thunder Lions voice boomed through her subconscious. "There is trouble."

"We feel it too." Thunder Firebird who has always remained quiet until now spoke.

"It is alarming." Thunder Tiger spoke, any traces of her seductive traits have long been forgotten.

"Something's wrong." Xylia gasped, each breath she took pain soared through her chest.

"The gate Guardian." Thunder Dragon said, his deep voice pushing through her mental barriers. "The gate." He fell silent.

"You must return to the gate." Thunder Lion ordered.

Xylia felt the other two stir in her head, panic filled her. It might as well have been her own. Her worst fears settled deep down before her. All her hard work over centuries of protections, guarding them, stopping any invasions or wandering souls. How could this have happened?

When she gathered her bearings and her breath returned to her, she waited no more and disappeared.

Appearing in front of the gate, Xylia's suffering intensifies. The power that touched her sends a sense of dread down her spine. Her blood ran cold. Her heart was racing, thumping hard against her chest. She was still wobbly on her legs as the pulse flowed through her veins. But she shook it off. Now was not the time to lose it when she needed so desperately to figure out what caused the alarm and panic.

She investigated her surroundings, any clue she could find that would give her answers to who would dare come to her cave. Who would touch the gate? But when she looked at the gate its self, it was as if it was not disturbed.

She knew better than to believe it. The pain in her body, the power she could feel, the way the spirits reacted to the alarm. There was no denying it, the gate was activated, something or someone stepped out of it.

"Oh no." She mutters. Something catches her attention at the base of the gate. She leaned down and scooped up the six pieces from the dirt. She rolled them in her palms, the symbols glistening in the dull light. Six dull objects rests in the palm of her hand.

"The keys, Guardian." Thunder Deer spoke softly. "We have not seen those keys for centuries."

Xylia wrapped her hand around the objects. Her sigh was heavy and deep. She had heard about the ancient keys, read everything that she could on them when she first became the chosen one. No one has seen them for centuries and they were long forgotten. Truth became a myth and now here they were in the palm of her hand.

"You must tell no one." Thunder Lion said, pushing himself forward. His strength pounded inside her head and Xylia flinched at his dominance. "We do not know how they came to be. Trust no one, Guardian."
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I was so excited when you told me that you posted! And now getting to read, I am so much more excited!!! I thought that this was a great introduction to the story. A very ominous tone here at the end with the Lion warning Xylia not to trust anyone. Actually, a very ominous tone overall, which I loved. I literally have no other words. I'm just so excited for this to get going. With the gate being open, I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. So get to writing and bring it on!


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Thank you Andrew. I'm glad that you liked it. So I changed my chapter titles and rolled with the idea for chapter one. Enjoy.


Chapter One: Dream of Darkness

They say that the last five minutes of your sleep is when you dream.

You sink deeply into the swirling abyss. Dreams can be fantasies, wishes you hope will come true. They can be escapes from reality or signs your instincts are telling you that something was coming.

Sometimes it's the last thought that you were thinking before falling asleep or something that was happening in your life. Or maybe it was just something completely at random. Something that puzzles you when you wake up the next morning that has you thinking why did I dream that?

But what happens when you have a dream that was recurrent? Was it trying to tell you something? Is there a point to your dream but you're missing the pieces to solve it?

Intuition tells you something is coming. Just how far would your dreams go to warn you of a nightmare that could come to pass if you don't look for the signs to stop the apocalypse?


It was dark and clammy. The sounds of dripping water and her feet shuffling against the cool concrete could be heard. With each step she took and each droplet falling from the broken pipe echoes through the darkened hallway. Her arms were securely wrapped around her mid section, her heart racing and chills travels down her spine.

An oddly familiar place she remembers as she looked around at her surroundings. Dark, dingy walls, barely any light except for the torches on the walls. It was musty and damp. An odor of mildew weighs heavily in the air.

This was a dream. A dream that has haunted her nights for the past week. It was always the same. She walked down the hall until she reached a door but before she could open the door to see what was behind it, her body jolts awake. She returns to the land of the living.

She anticipates her return since it started in hopes to finally crack the mystery behind the door. She's never had a dream that was so relentless, not even the times she was a power ranger and she was haunted by the outcome of death and pain before they put an end to the vile vixen; Rita Repulsa.

She continues to make her way down the corridor, her barriers were lowered just enough to signal a warning to her. If there was something lurking she would know.

But there wasn't. No unwanted emotions that didn't belong to her, no eerie thoughts that weren't her own inside her head. No tingly sensation coursing through her body.


Than why did the place give her the creeps?

She followed the same path each time that she came, she could follow it blindly because there were no other rooms she could venture into. Nothing has changed, the same stretch of dark halls, turning left than turning right. Going straight until she had no other choice but to turn again. And that's exactly what she did.

The door that she could never get into because she would wake up shortly after discovering it was just around the last corner. She grew nervous; if she played her cards right this time she would finally be able to see what was behind the door. What to expect, she had no idea. Would it be something awful that lurked behind the mysterious door? Would all this be just her over active imagination? Or would there truly be something to this dream that she can't escape?

Trista was about to find out.

The door came into view. It was dark brown with a copper colored doorknob. A symbol of some sorts was etched in the middle. Trista could never figure out what it was. She drew it one night after she woke up from the dream and tried to research it but she would always come up empty handed.

It wasn't the symbol that caught her attention this time though. In the week since the first time, Trista has always been alone. She was always the only one. No other has ever showed up, appeared or stepped out of the shadows.

Standing at the door, there was someone else. A woman who was dressed as she was; shorts and a tank top. Her girlish figure gave way and the fiery red hair.

She recognized the red head. She knew of one person who had hair as red as fire. "Phoenix?"

Phoenix turned her head at the sound of her name, her eyebrows perked up when she saw that she wasn't alone. "Trista?"

"What are you doing here?" The former pink ranger asked, more confused than ever. How was it possible that she could be sharing the same dream with someone she hasn't seen in almost six months?

Phoenix shrugged. "I...I don't know. I just...appeared here."

Trista walked cautiously towards the other woman before coming to a stop beside her. "Have you been here before?" She asked a moment later. "Dreamed this before?"

Phoenix shook her head and looked at the door again. It was unfamiliar to her. One second she was peacefully dreaming about the sandy beaches she secretly missed and the next she was ripped away and now she stood in front of a door that vibrated with power.  "I have not. You?"

"Every night for a week now." She was honest, she couldn't deny it. This place has haunted her since the first night.

Phoenix pushed her hair back behind her ears. She was fully aware of Trista's abilities. She was the one that told her about her brother, how Dru really was not evil by choice. "There's something about this..." She told her, glancing over at her friend. "I can feel power, not just yours or mine but great power. It's really powerful, Trista."

Trista sighed softly as she slowly ran her hand around the door. Energy spiked as a trail of shimmer followed behind her hand. It seeps deep into her palm and sent the current through her body. "I've always felt something but I never knew what. I would wake up before I could find out what was behind the door."

"Maybe that's why I'm here?" Phoenix was skeptical of her own words. She didn't know the first thing about sharing dreams. "This whole thing is..."

"Weird." Trista finished for her.

"Exactly." She nodded her agreement. Phoenix pushed a strand of red hair behind her ear, staring at the door of mystery. "I've never shared a dream before, have you?"

Trista's cheeks flushed pink, her mouth twitched as a smile slowly appeared on her lips. And she nodded her head. "I have once."

It didn't take Phoenix long to realize who that other person was. She noticed the flush, the way she smiled as the memory came to mind. The way she shyly tucked her blond hair behind her ears. The sudden warmth that sparked her intuition and heat radiates through her body.

Phoenix's eyes grew big. "Are you serious?" She asked her, her own flush touches her cheeks. "You had dream sex?"

Trista couldn't hide the smile that grew and once again she nodded her head.

She raised both her eyebrows with amazement. "Wow." That was all she could get out. She wasn't one for juicy details or ask questions about another's personal life. Instead she changed the subject. "What do you think is behind this door?"

Trista reached her hand out again towards the door and slowly swiped it across it. There was a familiar pull inside her trying to snap the barrier she had in place. "I'm not sure but whatever it is, it doesn't feel right."

"Should we?" She asked, nudging her head towards the doorknob.

Trista looked at the door. This was the moment she was waiting for. Finally, she would get the answers she was looking for. The mystery would be solved and she would go on knowing what was behind the door and maybe, just maybe never return to this wicked dream.

So why was she hesitating to touch the doorknob? This was what she wanted. She swallowed the lump in her throat, her hands became clammy as she slowly reached her hand out but quickly pulled back when the spark touched her fingertips. "I have a bad feeling about this, Phoenix. I can't shake it." She shook her head and dropped her hand at her side. "A big part of me wants to know what's behind it but there's a part of me that would rather keep it a mystery."

"That speaks volumes coming from you." The red head said. She touched the young woman's shoulder in a comforting way. She couldn't imagine what it was like to relive the same dream. Be able to feel the things that she does. Phoenix had her own struggles with her temper and sometimes out of control fire. It took years to master the flames that burns within her veins but still she struggles to keep the heat inside. "We don't have to find out if that is your wish. We could find another way."

Trista shook her head. "There is no other way. I've been through this place a dozen times and this is the only path through."

Phoenix straightened her shoulders and puffed out a sigh. "Than let's find out what's behind door number one." Even she was feeling unsettled by what they will discover. She held her hand out for her to take. "We'll do this together."

Trista smiled as she placed her hand into the woman's beside her. Phoenix's power tingled her senses. With the turn of the knob the door clicked and slowly opened. The heat radiated out in a blast of hot, humid air swishing past both girls.

Trista was hit with a wave of power, stealing her breath and knocking her to her knees.

"Trista!" Phoenix exclaimed, panic rising inside her as she watched her friend go down. Her own inner alarms going off inside her body. Something bad seeped out from behind the door. "What is it?" She asked, kneeling down beside her. "What is it that you feel?"

It took Trista a moment to catch her breath and gather herself. The feelings traveling through her body was raw and damming. It reeked of sulfur and death. Pain clutches her, squeezing her soul until it feels like it's going to burst. Flashes of images invading her thoughts. Destruction. Death. Indescribable, heart wrenching ache settles deep in her bones. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she turned her head and looked at Phoenix. Their eyes meet. "Something's coming."

Before reactions could be made, before Phoenix had the chance to attempt to ask what did she mean something was coming, the all familiar pull began to tug at them both. Their surroundings began to shimmer and fade. The ground beneath them trembled as pulses spanned out around them. The ground shook and the walls cracked peeling back the foundation. Darkness encased them.

"I'll come to you..." Phoenix called out just before she faded from the dream.

Angel Grove, California :: 2:55 am

The bed was shaking as she bolted upright. The nightstand next to the bed rattled and the lamp shook until it came crashing down onto the floor. Her breathing was quick, drawing in deep breaths and perspiration damped her skin. Haze clogging her mind as the feelings from her dreams settled deep down inside her. She gasps for air.

She can't get rid of the lingering effects from her dream. There was a moment she wanted to cry out, something so malicious was coming. She couldn't escape.

The spot next to her moved as he was jolted from his slumber. The bed was rattling hard and her soft whimpers filled his ears. This wasn't the first time she woke from her sleep or the bed shaking out of control. "Trista..." He calls to her, sitting up and placed his hand onto her shoulder. "Baby, what is it?"

Her hands covered her face as she cried out. "Make it stop!"

Galaxy X: 5:09 am

Her eyes shot open as she sucked in a deep breath. It took a second for the cloud to evade from her mind and settle to a distant shadow.

"Brad." She shook her boyfriend and when he didn't wake, she shook him a little harder. "Brad."

He groaned in his sleep, being pulled from his dreamless state of mind. His hand felt heavy as he pressed it to his forehead. "Five more minutes mom."

Phoenix sat up and flipped the light switch on. Turning to him again and shook him even harder. "Brad, get you're ass up. We have a problem."
Yes, yes, yes!

I've always loved your writing and this story is nothing different! Seeing Trista and Phoenix interacting in the dream world was so wonderful. And the ending of that dream, I can't wait to see what's happening next! I've got so many thoughts about this and I can't wait to see this story continue!


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Thank you Andrew. Much is greatly appreciated. Work keeps me busy so updating takes me forever. But I'm still hopeful that will change. Onto the next chapter. Do enjoy.


Chapter Two: Side Effects

Guardian Watch Tower

Xylia stood at the entrance of the portal that would take her back home; to the cave she spent most of her time in. 


There was nothing homey about it. She tried her best over the years to get that feeling but when it is just her it lacks the true meaning of home. 

She spent the last two hours letting the high guardians know about what had happened at the Aurelian gate. In memory she relived the pain that she felt when the disturbance was made. How unsettling it was when she returned to the gate the runes she had in place were moved. How, that there was no trace of anyone being there. It was only seconds after the gate was activated that she arrived. There wasn't a soul in sight.

Their questions were thrown at her faster than she could keep up with them.

"Are you sure?" Asked High Guardian, James in his authority voice that sent an unpleasant chill down her spine. 

Xylia nodded, flinching beneath his stare. "Yes, high guardian. I'm sure of it."

"Is there proof of this?" High Guardian Declan asked, with a complex look on his old face.

She shook her head. "I'm afraid not, sir. There was no one there when I returned."

Declan tilted his head to the side, his eyes borrowing deeper into Xylia. "Than how do you know the gate was activated?"

"I'm connected to the gates. Since I was chosen long ago for this task I've been able to feel them, I don't know how else to describe it. When Aurelian was activated I was overcome with this pain." She began, straightening her shoulders and met the elders glowing stare. "It was so overwhelming that it brought me to my knees. And I knew, I knew Aurelian was touched."

"She tells the truth." High Guardian Olivia spoke from her spot next to Declan. Her lavender eyes slightly slit and her pink lips twitched. She was their Oracle. She seeks the truth by searching souls, emotions and their thoughts. Though Olivia was the youngest of the four, she was the most powerful one. Her abilities expand beyond what the others could do. James was the leader and strong willed. He has great strength. His love and partner, Katherine, was soft spoken and loving. She has abilities that spoke to animals and plants. Declan, he was a skilled fighter and swordsman, the oldest of the four.

Olivia stood up from her chair and walked around the head table and stopped before Xylia. "Come here, Chosen One." She smiled sweetly as she held out her hand for the woman to take. 

Xylia looked at her out reached hand for a moment, feeling the instant pull towards her. It was as if she couldn't control herself. 

"Do not worry, I don't bite." She chuckles as Xylia placed her hand into hers. "I want to see what it is you felt and seen."

Olivia looked at their joined hands, taking her index finger of her other hand and with a soft motion she trailed it down the top of her hand. A tingling sensation trailed behind her finger. Her lavender colored eyes began to glow and change to solid as flashes appeared inside her mind. Memories far back to early childhood invaded her thoughts but she was quick to stop those that she wasn't seeking. 

She searched until she found what she was looking for and set course to relive the pain that Xylia had. The time frame of when the gate was activated and the soaring pain that she had endured. An ache settles in her chest. As if being there herself, inside the cave she saw just how renewed the gate had looked. The power that was humming from it. 

Xylia felt the probe inside her head, squinting her eyes as the invasion began. There was no way to stop the intrusion. Her secrets opened before the elder. The keys. The Thunder Spirits that she was bound too. Her insecurities of being the Chosen One, her longing for that family she desires. The secret getaways to Raven Crest for a little normalcy. 

She was afraid that they would all be revealed to the others. She promised to keep them to herself but when an Oracle can see through the shield you have in place, you have no choice but to accept what was to come. 

Olivia smiled as she released the woman's hand. She blinked her eyes and they returned to normal. Fear reaches out to her. "Do not worry, Xylia, your secrets are safe." Olivia spoke inside her head before returning to her spot beside Declan. "Aurelian, most defiantly was activated. But as the Chosen One states, there is no trace of the one who was responsible." She pushes a strand of blond hair behind her ear. "I feel its power as if I am there."

The blond woman that was sitting next to James with her pastel purple robe on turned and looked at him. Her delicate face was covered with concern. "My love, it has started." Katherine spoke softly.

"Started?" Xylia looked at them. "What's started?"

James frowned, his hand reached out and covered Katherine's with a gentle squeeze of reassurance before looking to Xylia. "Return to your home. We must look into this first to make sure before we will address this." 

And the four of them were gone.

Her failure was written in stone as she crossed the threshold of the portal for home. The cave was dark and cold, the gates power still a lingering aspect of a reminder she has failed. She's failed herself as the chosen one of the gates, she let the high guardians down. And she failed the people of Raven Crest. Something evil and malicious was out walking the streets.

"It will be alright, Guardian." Thunder Deer spoke quietly. "We do not blame you for this."

"This was an act beyond our control." Thunder Tiger said, a hint of displeasure in her voice. "We did not see this coming either."

Xylia sighed heavily, pushing her dark hair from her face. "I let them down. This shouldn't have happened. I was suppose to guard the gate." She frowns, shaking her head disappointed in herself. 

"Do not blame yourself, Chosen One." Thunder Dragon's voice was strong as he manifested in her subconscious. "This is not your fault."

"Who are you talking too?"

Xylia spun around on her heels at the sound of the man's voice. Thunder Lion pushed to the forefront of her mind and a rumble echoed inside her head. She was ready to defend her home, call upon her guardian staff and stop the intruder from entering any further into the cave. Someone already gained access to the gate, she wasn't gonna allow it a second time. Her body relaxed and she pushed Thunder Lion's presence to the back of her mind when she saw who it was. "Nathaniel, what are you doing here?"


Angel Grove, California

Emotions high, nerves shaking and her heart continued to race. It's been almost an hour since she woke from the dream, shook the house and nearly gave Kyle a heart attack. 

Kyle had managed to calm her down enough to stop the shaking but it wasn't enough to make the nightmare go away. There was no point going back to sleep. The instant she closed her eyes the awful feeling of death weighed her down and the bed began to shake again. 

Trista stared out the living room window, lost in thought as the dream she experienced played over in her head. She finally opened the door and now she regretted it. 

Kyle stopped in the archway, a cup of tea in his hand and frowned. Her distress was very visible upon her face, her eyes were puffy from the tears she cried. He barely got the nightmare that plagued her once again out of her after he calmed her down enough to stop the room from shaking. It scared her more this time around.

And he was helpless. He couldn't figure out a way to help her. He wasn't there to see or feel what it was she did. Some things were out of his control when it came to her and her abilities.

He sighs softly before he walks into the room and made his way over by her. He was careful not to allow his own emotions take her by surprise. "Trista." He calls her name, quietly and stops in front of her. "I made you some tea."

His voice was distant in her ears but loud enough to pull her away from the window. She looked up and saw him standing there with his hand outreach holding a mug full of steamy liquid. "Thank you." She said, her throat was dry from all the screaming she done and welcomed the citrus flavored tea. 

She took the mug from his hand and wrapped both hands around the warmth and turned her attention back to the window.

Kyle knew better than to press the issue, when it was time she would talk. For now, he gave her, her space to collect her thoughts and get a hold of her emotions before she was ready to speak. 

He made his way to their bedroom to clean up the mess that was waiting. 

Galaxy X

"Are you sure?" Brad asked as he poured himself and Phoenix a cup of coffee and than handed it to her. 

Phoenix smiled accepting the mug and took a slow sip of the hot liquid. "Yes. There was something dark and evil behind that door. Trista felt it. I felt it and I normally don't." She looks across the countertop and met his worry glance. "I felt its intent of death and destruction. Something is coming...something bad."

He rubbed the stubbles on his chin and over his eyes. He took a sip of his coffee before he spoke. "Do you think this could be a new threat?"

"I won't know until I see Trista." She said, resting her elbows on the countertop and sighed heavily. "I told her in the dream I would come to her."

"We'll come to her." He pointed out. "I'm not letting you do this alone." He walks around the counter and stops beside her. "If something dark and evil is coming I want to be beside you. We're stronger when we are together."

Phoenix knew arguing was out of the question with him. Brad was strong willed and sometimes stubborn despite whether it was extremely dangerous or not his ability to help was unfathomable. "As you wish." She straightened up, took another sip of her coffee and put the mug into the sink. "But if it comes to pass and it's too much I want you out. I can't be worrying about you and fighting at the same time." 

Brad slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her near him. "Don't worry your pretty little red head about me. I can take care of myself."

"I'm serious, Brad. I don't know how I would handle it if something were to ever happen to you. This could be bigger than Arklyn and Dru." 

Brad sighed heavily, arguing with her was not something he was willing to take part in. She was stubborn if not more so than himself. She was the leader of their team and most times he had to listen. "Alright, Miss Sassy Pants if that is your desire, than I will take my hind legs and run away." 

He grinned.

Phoenix looked at him hard and cold for a long moment, a warning he would end up on her shit list before the day was even to begin. But the longer she stared at him and the wider his smile got, she couldn't contain the laughter that escapes. "You're such a goof." She said kissing him on the tip of his nose before turning out of his hold and started making her way towards the bedroom. 

"Yeah, but I'm you're goof." He called out after her, crinkling his nose as her kiss still lingers.

It didn't take them long to gather a few things to take with them. Phoenix made sure she had her bag of supplies just in case her contents were needed. She whispers words of soothing to Eruantane, the firey bird showing her displeasure that her handler was leaving her behind. "I’ll call if I need you." She said, fluffing her red feathers between her fingers. Eruantane squawked and flapped her wings before taking flight through the house and out the window that always remained opened for her. 

Brad came down the stairs holding his backpack in hand just as he witness Phoenix's familiar take off. "Looks like someone's not a happy camper." He stated the obvious.

Phoenix stood there for a long moment, her heart aching, frowning. She sighs softly. "I hate to leave her behind but I'm not sure what we are walking into. She'll understand." She pushed back her disappointment locking away the discomfort Eruantane portrayed through their bond. "Come on, we need to get going." She grabbed her duffle bag from beside her feet and headed for the door.
I've been anxiously awaiting this and you most certainly delivered!

Xylia and the guardians was very interesting to read. I'm hoping that we will see more of the High Guardians at some point. I'm very intrigued by them with this little appearance of theirs. And who is this Nathaniel guy? So many questions! I need more answers! 

I'm just ready to read more of this. More Kyle/Trista, more Brad/Phoenix, more everything! Get to writing!


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Thank you Andrew! I hope this answers a little about who Nathaniel is. More on the high guardians coming later.


Chapter Three: Help Has Arrived

Angel Grove, California

Kyle had put the last piece of the broken lamp into the garbage when there was a knock at the door. "I’ll get it." He called out from the kitchen and made his way towards the door.

He unlocks the door and opens it. A small smile appears on his lips when he saw who it was. Stepping out of the way and opening the door more for them and than closed the door once they were inside.

"For once I couldn't be happier to see you," Kyle said, turning to look at their guests, his eyes falling on one particular person. Phoenix Gallagher, the firey red head witch. His relationship with the red Strike Force ranger is anything but... Complicated.

"How is she?" Phoenix asked, placing her duffle bag down beside the counter.

Kyle sighed softly, his helplessness echoes his sigh. "She hasn't moved from the chair since she got up." He begins to tell her. "I think she's in a dark place right now. That dream..."

"I know, I was there too." She looks at Kyle with a small smile. There was no need for special gifts like Tristas to see the concern he had for his girlfriend. The evidence was highly visible in his eyes, his face. His body language; the way he spoke. He truly was worried. "Don't worry. I'm here to help."

Kyle knew her words were sincere, easing his nerves just enough to function without becoming a blubbering idiot. "She's in the living room."

"Thanks." She said, glancing quickly to Brad who only nodded his head letting her know he would stay with him.

Phoenix left the guys in the kitchen and made her way through the house to the living room. When she saw Trista sitting there by the window it was almost indescribable on what she felt. She was lost in her own world reliving the nightmare they both shared. She was haunted by the thoughts, the feelings she felt pouring from the door when they opened it. The thickness of dread seeping out. It sends a chill down her spine. "Trista?"

When she hears her name for the second time, a distant call she breaks away from the window and looks up. She saw the red head standing there, emotions swirling around but they never once touched her. Phoenix had a grip on them and kept them away so she wasn't hit. Her defences were down, the barrier that kept her together was fragile.

A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "You came."

Phoenix nodded slowly as she moved closer to her, keeping the wall that separated her thoughts and feelings; everything about her locked up tight. "As I said I would." She said, taking a seat in the other chair beside her friend. "How are you doing?"

Trista shrugged, her eyes looking down into her tea cup. "I've had better days." She sighs heavily, blowing a strand of hair from her face before tucking it behind her ear. "I can't shake this dread, Phoenix. And usually I can once I get a hold of myself. But what I felt and what I heard behind that door." She shook her head. "I can't stop it."

Phoenix leaned forward and placed her hand over Trista's. Their eyes met. "Don't worry, we'll figure this out." She told her, giving her a reassuring smile. "I can help you, you know that."

As much as Trista wanted to believe her, she couldn't. She looks away, finding herself looking out the window again. This goes far deeper than anything she has ever experienced. There was no switch to flip or no way of really knowing whether this dream was real or an imagination of hers and her friend just so happens to get sucked into it.

"Trista..." Phoenix called her name. Her smile faded. "You're not the only one with gifts. I know what you are thinking." She placed her hand around the cup and her hand faintly glowed red. Steam began to flow and swirl around the inside as she warmed Trista's tea. "Do not forget what flows through my veins and where I come from. My lineage is as old as time."

Trista looks down into her cup and watches as a swirl of steam makes its way up and fans out. "Sorry." She mutters. "I'm just scared. I know you can help. You wouldn't be here if you couldn't." She sighs softly.

"What are we going to do?" She asked after a moment of silence.

"We need to get back into that dream." It sounded so simple but almost next to impossible. Trista was the reason why she was pulled in, in the first place. "I need to see what was behind that door."

Trista's heart thumped in her chest. The thought of going back to that nightmare...it scared her. Her defenses were already weak as it is, shaking of the bedroom was just the tip of the iceberg. It could become a lot more dangerous if her fears were heightened to the max and she panics again. "Phoenix...I don't know if I can. The shakes were bad this time."

Phoenix understood. They had spent a night a few weeks ago talking when Trista had told her about the shakes. That when she gets scared or upset, her telekinesis goes out of whack and can shake the room she was in. She had told her about the times her old apartment had cracks in the walls because Trista had picked up on Rita's energy before the wicked vixen made a comeback. "If it makes you feel any better, I don't need you to be there. You can stay back. I just need you to get me there. It's your dream."

"How? I don't have any control over when I dream it. I just do, it just happens."

"Leave that to me." Phoenix stated. "We'll do it tonight, when darkness falls."

Trista only nodded, placing her tea cup on the end table beside her. Her friends witchy craft will come into play. "Can I ask a favor? Do something for me."

"Sure. What is it?" Her intuition spiking as she has a suspicious feeling what she was to ask of her.

"Can you..." Trista looks down at her hands. "Can you help me? My head..."

Phoenix smiled as she stood to her feet. "No need to say anymore, of course I will." She took the few steps towards her. "Stand up."

Trista did as she was told and stood in front of Phoenix. "I'm really glad that you're here."

"Me too." She said as she brought her hand up and placed her fingertips upon her temple. "Close your eyes." She whispered softly and Trista did.

The warmth was soothing and calming as it flowed through her fingertips and into Trista's head. The aches of the headache that claimed her hours before eased up and than disappeared. The warmth wrapped a protective barrier around her, glowing before settling.

Trista smiled. "Thanks."



"How much do you know about Trista's dreams?" Brad asked once Phoenix was out of sight. "I mean how accurate can they be?"

Kyle thought about the question for a long time before he could find the answer.

He walked over to the cupboard and took out another coffee cup and placed it down in front of Brad. "Since I've known her, pretty accurate." He told him, pouring him a fresh cup of coffee. "Trista, she hasn't been wrong yet. She knew something was going on when Rita's energy was still around. She said she could feel it."

Kyle sighs softly, refilling his own cup. "I'm still trying to understand her gifts and what she can do." He looked at Brad, "When she feels these things or she dreams them; we take it seriously."

If anyone understood him more than anything, Brad did. Each day that passes, Phoenix's own gifts grow. Her fire increases, her witch craft expands the more she practices.

He takes a sip of his coffee, the hot liquid warming his insides. "What do you think, think there is something coming?"

"Apart of me hopes not. Angel Grove is still trying to recover from the last monster attack." He told him looking into his cup. "And we just got our lives back. Life is good. I'm ready to move forward, we can't if we're fighting monsters."

Brad's eyes lit up. "You mean..."

Kyle cut him off. "Whatever you do, don't think it or say it. I'm trying to make sure she doesn't find out." He smiles at the thought of one day spending the rest of his life with Trista. "It's hard keeping secrets from someone who can read minds or knows what you are feeling at a drop of a hat."

Brad chuckles. "You have your work cut out for you."

Kyle nods. "Don't I know it."


Raven Crest; Aurelian's Cave

He was tall. Long dark brown hair, brown eyes. Muscular built. And he was handsome. He wore his elegant white robe that had stitching of gold woven through the fabric. It was pristine. He hasn't aged either. He looked exactly the same as she remembered when she first met him all those years ago. Two hundred years and nothing has changed about him. He towered over her, something even still to this day, it made her feel uncomfortable.

"Don't trust him." Thunder Deer's voice whispered softly inside her head. "He is not right. Something dark surrounds him."

She ignored the soft whispers from Thunder Deer. Nathaniel was not the enemy. He was her friend, the one that gave her this job as protector. She's known him for years without a warning that something was truly wrong with him. She would know this if there was...right?

Their eyes connected, so dark and mysterious. They were often hard to read. "Nathaniel, what are you doing here?" She repeated her question. This was the first time in a really long time that he came to her cave.

"I came to check on you." He said flatly but smiled. "The high guardians are often intimidating."

Xylia nodded her response, her nerves were still rattled by her encounter with the high guardians.

His smile soon faded and his eyes diverted from hers. He takes a step deeper into the cave. "Now your turn. Who were you talking too a moment ago?" He looks around before he turns back to her. "I see no one here."

"Myself." She simply said. It was always her cover story if she ever got caught talking to the Thunder Spirits. It was better that way for anyone to think she has gone slightly crazy...after all she's been alone for two hundred years. No one can know that the Thunder Spirits were awake. "I have no friends..no one to talk too except myself." She looked away from his prying eyes, blushing; embarrassed that someone finally caught her.

"You play the part well, Guardian." Thunder Tiger purred.

A small smile touched her lips, her fingers fiddling with the fabric of her cloak. "Do you find it strange?"

Nathaniel casually made his way to her and stopped when he was just inches from her. His hand reaches out and brushes away a strand of her black hair that fell in front of her eyes. His fingers lingers a little too long beneath her chin. "It is not strange at all Xylia."

She quickly turned her head away from his lingering touch. The butterflies that laid dormant for so long fluttered. It didn't sit well with her.

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked, dropping his hand to his side.

"Forgive me but..." She sighs softly. "It's been a long time since anyone has touched me. Not since..." She couldn't say his name without her heart aching. Even with all the time that has passed, she missed him terribly. There's not a day that hasn't gonna by that she hasn't thought of him. The life they were suppose to have; how truly happy she was when she was with...


Her beloved husband.

"Understood." Nathaniel muttered.

Xylia noticed his disappointment in his eyes before he was quick to conceal it from her. This wasn't the first advance he has tried to take with her. But today was the first time he has touched her in a way that wasn't just friendly. "Can I help you with anything else? I should really get back to work. I need to find out what escaped through the portal."

Nathaniel looked at her for a long moment, his eyes searching hers before he turned and started for the cave opening. But before he made his way out, he stops and turns around and faces her. "There is one thing."

"Sure, of course. What is it?" She asks as she smooths her hands down the front of her cloak.

"The box. Where is it?"

Her heart thumped and drops to the pit of her stomach. The thunder spirits stirred within and Thunder Tiger hissed. Why would he be asking about the box? Why would he be interested in what should be dormant stones. But the more important question of everything she could possibly think of, how did he know about the box?

Her eyes narrowed slightly, though she kept herself calm. "It's safe."


And he was gone.

Xylia walked to the entrance and looked around. Nathaniel was gone out of sight. She sighs heavily, her body shaking. Something didn't feel right.

"I agree." Thunder Dragon thought to her.

"How did he know about us?" Thunder Lion asked. "He is not the one who gave you us."

Xylia shook her head. "I don't know."

"He does not feel right." Thunder Deer spoke her warning again.

"I agree." Thunder Dragon answered.

"Keep your distance Guardian." Thunder Lion said. "I feel the same way about your mentor. He is hiding something."

Sadly Xylia agreed with the spirits. She felt it when he touched her. Something was defiantly different about him. She just didn't know what.


"We should probably go into the kitchen." Phoenix told her brushing away a lock of red hair from her eyes. "I hope you don't mind but I brought Brad with me."

Trista smiled. She always liked him. He would make her laugh with his goofy personality. "No, not at all. I doubt he would have stayed behind long anyways."

Phoenix laughed. "I did try to make him stay but he wasn't having any of it. He probably would have shown up not long after I arrived."

"It gives Kyle someone to talk too. At least he won't be pulling his hair out worrying alone." Trista chuckled.

Their laughter could be heard down the hallway as Phoenix and Trista made their way to the kitchen.

"I'm glad to see that you boys are getting along." Phoenix said as she steps into the kitchen. "No blood shed today."

Brad walks around the counter and goes to her. "Not today, my love." He tells her before wrapping his arms around her and kisses her gently on her forehead. "I was just telling Kyle here about the time we fought the Gluester monster. You remember the Gluester, right babe."

Phoenix crinkles her nose in distaste. "How could I forget. I lost my favorite jacket to that thing."

Kyle looked over to the door and saw Trista behind Phoenix. Their eyes meet and she smiles. Her smile was beautiful and it was the perfect sight to see. Whatever talk she had with Phoenix changed her. And he couldn't be happier. "Hey." His voice was soft as he took a step towards her.

"Hi." Trista stepped closer.

Phoenix turned and looked at Brad and with a nod towards the back door, she ushered him to it. "Lets give them a moment."

When the two were out the door, Kyle moved closer to her. "I'm glad to see that you're doing better." He said. "I was worried."

"I know and I'm sorry for that." She said, taking the last step that separates them, their eyes never leaving each other's. "This dream, it really messed me up. I've had it before too multiple times but not like this. I could never get past the door. I would always wake up and it would be over." She takes a moment to collect her emotions before they explode and he is caught in the cross fire. She sighs heavily, shaky breaths as she tells him what it is that she felt behind the door.

Kyle wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. Letting her know that it was okay. He understood the severity of the dream and to take her time. She didn't have to explain it all at once.

Trista felt the warmth that settles in her as Kyle held her close. His closeness, his love fills her completely. It eases the tension in her body and in her mind. He gave her the strength to continue. "I felt things I've never felt before. I know someone or something is coming. Something bad is gonna happen."

Her warning was unsettling to him, sending a chill down his spine. But he controlled the shiver, he didn't want her to feel it and panic again.

Kyle tightened his hold on her and placed a tender kiss to the top of her head. "Whatever it is that you feel, if or when it happens we will stop it."

She closes her eyes and takes his comfort in. He always has that effect on her. He knew how to calm her without saying a word. He's been able to do it since she spotted him across the room at the juice bar long before she met him.

The memory was peaceful as it appeared in her mind. "Phoenix wants to try and go back to the dream. She said she wants to know what's behind the door. Maybe it will help us know. She said I didn't have to be there..."

"But you're starting to think that you should." Kyle finished for her.

Trista pulled back just enough for her to see his face. It was evidently obvious he didn't like the sound of that. Worry creased his eyes but it was the chill she felt as his emotions projected to her. He was scared; not for himself but for her. He witnessed first hand what this dream could do to her. "You don't want me to." It was a statement rather than a question.

Kyle broke the stare. "Can you blame me for not wanting you to go back?" He asks, pulling away from her and walks back to the counter. He takes a sip of his coffee, it has long since gone cold and goes to the sink and dumps it out. He keeps his back to her.

She couldn't blame him for how he felt, even she was silently freaking out just thinking about going back to the dream. Even though Phoenix told her she didn't have to be anywhere near the door when it opens there was a big part of her that needed to know. She needed to see.

Trista made her way to him, stopping behind him she wraps her arms around him. "Please, don't be mad if I decide to do this." She said, pressing her forehead against his back. She sighs softly. "We both know this can't go unnoticed."

Kyle drops his head and closes his eyes. He inhales a deep breath and blows it out through his nose. "I know." He told her. He knew deep down that she was right. There was always a reason why she would dream of events that could come true.

He placed his arms around hers. His fingertips lightly caressing her soft skin. "You know I can never be mad at you, Trista." He told her truthfully. "I'm just worried is all."

He turned in her arms so that he could look at her. He brought his hand up and placed it gently against her cheek. Their eyes lock onto each other again.

Trista leaned into his touch.

"Just promise me that you'll protect yourself." He told her, his thumb caressing her cheek. "I want my girlfriend back in one piece."

She nods her head. "I will."

"Good." He said and kissed her.
Okay, so Nathaniel is creepy. I don't trust him. At all. So there's that.

Glad to see everyone slowly starting to come together. If I were Kyle, I'd be very hesitant about Trista going back into the dream too. But then again, I know that for this story to continue, she's got to so I'm over here anxiously awaiting her to return to it. Get to writing so I can know what happens next!


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Lol Nathaniel is quite the character. Thank you Andrew. And I do want to apologize if by chance Charlie is out of character in this chapter. I tried. Enjoy. (Btw, the teasers I sent is this chapter in full.)

Chapter Four: From The Future

New Tech City; 2048

The final battle was almost upon them. Their bodies were already battered and broken from the fall of the city. But it was decided not long ago that if they were to stop Lord Rissien and his army of demons, his General Thorex and anybody else who will get in their way from claiming what is rightfully theirs: home. The time was now.

They knew going in as New Tech City's final hope was a death wish. They have lost many along the way. But it was a sacrifice the remaining four was willing to take if it meant their beloved city could survive.

Lindy Hunter, the blue ranger and first female to wear the blue stood in the doorway and watched him. She was on her way to see Kat when she spotted him. Her desires to see the older woman was no more. He was by the bay window looking out, watching, staring out at what was once a lavish city.

Now destruction only remained.

"It doesn't take your enhancements to know you're watching me." Caleb Wyatt, the team's leader spoke quietly, his hands stuffed in his front pants pocket. His thoughts astray for the longest time. He wondered, thought of and tried to strategize an out come that would leave them victorious. But sadly, not even his great mind could think of a way. It was frustrating and it hurt even more than ever that this could be the end. Lord Rissien was ruthless and very dangerous to be reckon with. He had already killed a member of his team. His city that he swore and took an oath to protect was destroyed. Many of the citizens of New Tech City were captured and put into slavery. Or even worse: become host to his army. Many had fallen.

But that had all passed when he felt that familiar tingle. It was the strangest feeling that started in his toes and traveled the length of his body. It was warm and he probably would describe it as fuzzy too if it didn't sound stupid in his head.

Lindy was close by.

He never wanted to admit it he felt it the moment he saw her for the first time. She was lost and he was on his way to the gym when their path crossed. She tried to describe it to him when they were together but he never wanted to believe it: they were fated mates.

It took her a moment to find her voice, her thoughts. He always had that effect on her. Even when they first met. "Sorry." Her voice squeaked and she coughed.

Caleb smirked. "Eat a mouse?"

"I'm not a cat, I don't eat mice." She replied back, trying her best to hide the smile that was starting to form. "I prefer rabbit instead."

Lindy was cautious with her steps as she walked into the room and stopped before she got too close.

Caleb laughed. It had been awhile since he heard himself laugh. Not just the fight with Lord Rissien hanging on the horizon but also because his relationship with the blue ranger has been disastrous.

His laughter was nice to hear for a change. Not the usual tone of broody and hostility. His standoffish exterior, grumpy to put it mildly. She understands more than he gave credit to her that having her back made it complicated.

She took another step towards him. "It sounds nice." She said, keeping her eyes looking out the window.

Caleb watched her through the reflection of the window. A step here, a step there. Avoiding eye contact. "What does?" He asked, turning his head slightly to catch her out of the corner of his eye.

Lindy smiled, her heart racing with each step she took towards him. She was pushing it. She couldn't do this but she had too. There were so many unanswered questions, untouched feelings. This could be the last time that she would get this moment. "Your laughter. It suits you." She told him. "You should try it more often."

"Can't make any promises." His honesty was all he could give her.

She agreed though. "I know. I wouldn't ask for anything but honesty." Lindy stopped moving when she reached him, inches away from physical contact that she could almost feel it.

Caleb suspected that there was more to her, her reasoning for stopping to talk to him. Any other time they would avoid each other. Their rocky relationship kept them distance apart. "What is it that you want?" He asked her, closing his eyes for a second. Her closeness sends a rattle through him. "I know you're not just here to make me laugh."

"I wish I was. It would be so much easier." She told him truthfully. She has sat on this long enough. Six months. And the longer it goes unnoticed the deeper it hurts. Lindy has a sinking feeling, a dreadful warning going off inside her that when tomorrow morning comes and the battle begins there's a chance someone wasn't walking away from it.

Caleb sighs heavily. Painful memories invading his thoughts as the only explanation he could give himself as to why she was here. She came to say goodbye. He flinched. "You're leaving..."

Lindy grumbled, rolling her eyes at him. "Is that what you think? I'm going to abandon my team when they need me the most."

"It won't be the first..." His words trails off before he could continue. Regret sinks in when the words echoes in his ears. "I..."

It felt like a slap in the face, a punch to her gut. Slam up against a rock solid surface and the air sucks from her lungs. She should have seen that coming.

But he was right. She did runaway the first time. "Ouch. Truth still hurts." She sighs softly moving away from him and walks to the window. Her hand passes over her face and pushes her hair back. Her head drops. "I'm not leaving, Caleb. That time...that was totally different circumstances. I was broken. I'm no good to you or the team when I'm broken. I needed my mom and my grandmother to help me through our breakup. Do you have any idea what it does to us when we lose our mates? It tears at us, eats away any normalcy we try to have. And we fall and succumb to our wild ways and we're lost."

Lindy turns around and looks at him. He avoids her stare for as long as possible but his eyes shifted to hers. "You don't wanna be around me when I get like that. Bad things happen and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I did something I would regret."

Caleb nods his understanding. He may not fully understand the wolf and how certain things effect them but he understood the heartache. He had his own to deal with but he also had it easier. He was able to mask his pain, hiding behind his training and fighting. It was easier for him to forget even when deep down it killed him.

"But that's not why I stopped." She told him, stopping the conversation before they could relive it. "I just wanna tell you something."

"What is it?" He asked, he couldn't find it in him to look away from her. It was almost as if he was in a trance, hypnotized by her. It was the strangest thing when he could always...look away.

Lindy sucks in a deep breath and moves away from the window. "It's about tomorrow. I have this sinking feeling in my gut." She pressed her hands to her stomach, the motion sickness she felt about tomorrow was weighing her down. If she didn't have a grip on her well being, she would have tossed what little she had inside. "It's not sitting well with me. She's restless which makes me restless."

She takes a step towards him, their eyes still locked onto each other. "Promise me something."

He could try to tell her that everything would be fine. She was just overreacting. Her thoughts were playing tricks, her restlessness was only normal when there was a fight just ahead.

But Caleb learned over the year to never mistrust her warnings. The wolf that laid inside of her was a beacon, in tune with her territory. She had enhancements that he could only imagine. She was able to smell things miles away, hear things long before he or his teammates were able too. She could see far in the distance, she's felt the vibrations right before the blast destroyed their command base. A quick reaction that saved him. "What is it, Lindy?"

"Promise me you'll watch yourself tomorrow. I can't..." She sucks in a deep breath and slowly releases it. "I can't bare the thought of losing you. We may not get along most of the time and we're different on so many levels..." Her words began to break with the tremble that shook her body. This was harder than she thought.

"Lindy..." He spoke but she presses her fingertips to his mouth to stop him from saying anything else.

"You need to know. I can't...without telling you. I can't have unresolved issues hanging around. If this is my last chance to tell you how I feel about you than I'm going to take it. I don't need anything in return, just for you to listen."

Caleb nodded. He couldn't stop her even if he could.

She removed her hand from his mouth, his lips lingering on her fingertips. She looks down at them as she swiped the pad of her thumb over them. "I'm sorry for how it ended between us. I should have been more supportive and not the jealous girlfriend I was acting. I felt your career was more important than me. You worked really hard to get where you are. I was just... It was new to me too, never had a boyfriend so when I saw you were interested in me I acted on impulse and wanted you all to myself."

She stopped the pools of tears from falling from her eyes. A moment of weakness. "I never stopped, you know. I couldn't even when I left and gone home. I thought it was the best thing for me. But I only suppressed it. And coming back, I don't regret it. I promised myself I wouldn't lose myself because even if you didn't want me anymore, having you as a friend is more important than never having you at all."

She tilts her head up, her eyes fixating on the empty hallway in front of her. "You're the one, Caleb, I knew the moment I saw you. But if we never get back together, I will be happy if we could just be friends."

Silence fell over him. Lost for words, his emotions were coming full force, his feelings were taunting him when normally he could push them away. Hide behind the mask when in reality he did miss her. His thoughts were trying to push forward; now was not the time to reminiscence about the past. They needed a clear head if they were going to win tomorrow.

But his heart thought otherwise.

He shut the door.

He opened his mouth to say something, anything but no words would form to describe what he was feeling, what he truly wanted to say.

"I should probably go. Kat told me she has a suit for me that if I shift, I won't be in the nude when I shift back." Lindy shuffled her feet as she took his silence to heart. Maybe she really shouldn't have said anything. "I just wanted you to know how I felt...in case I don't get another chance."

His head snapped to the right and his hand reached out and took hold of her arm and stopped her from taking that step away from him. He didn't know why he stopped her or even if he should have. But he couldn't let her get away...

Not this time.

"Don't go." His voice was raspy and thick. "Please don't leave..."

Her eyes stared at his hand for the longest time. His grip was tight and strong. It sends a shockwave of warmth through her body. It had been a really long time it felt that he has touched her. There were times that he could have but the realization sunk in and he pulled back faster than she was able to catch it.

But now he did.

And it was glorious.

She finally looked up. Their eyes meeting and for the first time there was a need she saw lingering in his dark depths. She only remembers seeing that dire need once before when things got heated between them for the first time.

Her breath catches in her throat.

Caleb shook his head when he saw her lips part. Before the words could spill and he realizes what he was about to do. "Just...don't say anything." He told her, turning towards her more and pulls her near. "Just...kiss me."

She hesitated for a split second, searching his eyes that if she did as she was commanded he would pull away from her. Shatter her soul when he realizes what he is asking of her. But the spark that flickered in his eyes was all she needed, all it told her.

Lindy didn't waste another minute, another second when she crushed her lips to his.

The instant her lips touches his, the fire exploded. The burning desire of desperately needing this man filled her deeply. She grabbed onto his arms as she spiralled out of control in lust. She deepened the kiss only to be matched by his strength and determination to take control.

There were no words to be spoken, only the dire need that intertwine them together.


Being a ranger was hard, being the new girl was even harder. But trying to fill shoes and expectation was even the hardest. Nineteen year old Charlie Hargrove knew first hand. She started out as a survivor, helping out the rangers rescue one of their own and in the end she was passed the yellow SPD morpher. She never dreamed it was possible that one day she would become a ranger. It was never on her to do list. She only went to the academy to get off the streets and train and use her ability rightfully, help control her impulses to fade away whenever her emotions got too high or she was in a situation that invisibility wasn't an option.

Now here she was trying to physically prepare herself for the battle that was to take place in the morning. She has had little training, only self defense classes under her belt. And it wasn't enough. She witnessed first hand how destructive the demons could be. How dangerous they were. Her invisibility saved her life from certain death or being captured and turned into one of their personal slaves. It was a sight that will forever be etched into her brain.

Her punches were weak, her kicks deemed unworthy of any opponents that she would likely cross. Her stance was...she thought it sucked.

She was scared, no frightened that she wasn't going to be good enough. One wrong move or slip up and she would be toast. Her life would end long before she was destined too.

She contemplated turning in her badge and morpher and begging Dr. Manx to find someone else. She couldn't do it.

She can't do it.

In a heap, Charlie fell to the grass and sobbed. Her fears consumed her, her inability to continue and be the ranger that everyone thought she could be came to the surface. She cried out, despising herself for being... Weak. This was her chance to become something, no someone. The very reason she came to the academy, to better herself.

And now she can't.


His voice struck her, whipping her head around she saw Ares Kellan standing there. His face expression was filled with worrisome emotions but it was his eyes that held her still. They held such sadness, pain that it broke her heart and she didn't even know why.

She was quick to wipe away the tears from her eyes and face. It was too late to hide them when he saw her tiny fit of rage. He witnessed her explosion, her self worth exposed to nothingness.

It took every ounce of her will to look away. Her cheeks flushed, embarrassing it was to have the only person she found easily to talk too to see her at her lowest.

The grass beneath his boots swoosh with each step he took towards her. Ares followed her when he knew he shouldn't have. But being alone right now was not an option. Though they had sanctuary, their safety was still top priority. Even if he only watched her from the sidelines, Ares could still keep her safe.

He watched her, her frustrations were seeping through the cracks as she tried to practice moves. How irritating she was getting when her moves weren't strong enough. And than her meltdown. And he knew he couldn't wait in the shadows any longer.

"Ares, what are you doing here?" She asked him first before he had the chance to speak.

Ares stuffed his hands into the pockets of his blazer. "I won't lie." He started, "But I was keeping watch." He looks down at her. "We shouldn't be alone right now."

Charlie plucked a piece of grass and frowned. "So you saw me."

"Yes." He said, as the frown on her face deepened. "I'm not here to judge or criticise you, Charlie. I just wanted to make sure that you were safe. We may be safe but we're not entirely safe. We rangers, we stick together and watch each other's backs."

She flicked the grass to the side and plucked another. "I'm not much of a ranger. I can't really fight. I don't even know why Dr. Manx picked me to be your yellow."

Ares sighed softly as he took a seat on the grass beside her. He stretches the aches in his legs. "Dr. Manx saw something in you, Charlie. She wouldn't just pick you for no reason."

"But I can't fight, Ares. We're suppose to have this big fight tomorrow and I can't do it to save my life." The tears fell before she could stop them. She turned her head and looked at him. "I don't want to die tomorrow."

Her words pulled at his heart, breaking it into two. She was new to the game and he couldn't blame her for the fear she felt about tomorrow. He had his own fears but at the moment they seemed relevant and he pushed them away.

His main concern was her.

Ares didn't think twice when he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her near him. "I won't let that happen." He told her, stroking her hair in a soothing way. "I won't lose you too."

"But I can't..." Her words were cut off by the sob that escapes her throat.

"Sshh, it's okay." He pulled her even closer and held onto her as she poured her heart out through her cries. "I promise, Charlie. I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you."

Charlie cried until she couldn't anymore. Her tears were gone, the pain, the confusion; everything that she has felt and harboured inside her since the very beginning. Her life and the cards that she was dealt. Her nonexistent parents who had abandon her, growing up on the streets and defending for herself. Joining the academy to be safe and have a roof over her head.

Everything that she has gone through didn't seem to matter anymore at this particular moment.

"I guess I couldn't hold it in anymore." She said after some time has past. She made no attempt to move just yet. His comfort was what she needed.

"Sometimes you just gotta let it out." He told her, lazily drawing circles between her shoulder blades. "Sometimes it's good to just cry."

"I take it you have had experience with damsels."

Ares laughed. "I wouldn't call her a damsel, but yes I have experience."

"Lindy." She knew without a doubt. She has noticed the close relationship he had with her. She was kinda envious of it; having a friend that you can always count on no matter the situation. Having someone to talk too or even a person to hold her and comfort her when she needed it the most.

"Mmhm. When Caleb and her broke up. It was an ugly cry to put it nicely." He told her. "I've known Lindy since I was ten and I've never seen her so heartbroken before.

"That explains the tension between them." Charlie eased back from the comforts of his embrace. "I haven't been around long enough but I can see they both still want each other."

"They're both..." He paused for a second. "It's complicated."

Charlie smiled, nodding her understanding. "No need to explain, I get it."
She criss cross her legs. "Thanks for lending me your shoulder."

Ares turned his head and looked at her. He smiled. "You're welcome. Any time you need one, you can borrow mine."

"I’ll keep that in mind."

Some time has passed, sitting in silence. The distance where the safe house was kept them from hearing any of the nightmare that surrounds them.

"Tell me about your friend, Kassie, if you don't mind talking about her. What was she like?" Charlie knew it was a sore subject to talk about. She has only been gone for less than a week, the wounds were still very fresh. She turned her head and looked at him. The sadness was still highly visible in his eyes but a smile appeared on his lips as he thought of her.

"No, not all. Kassie, she was a firecracker. And so full of life. She would never judge you or thought of you differently. She didn't care what you were or even if you had special powers. She would be your friend." He told her, looking out past the pasture, the only part of New Tech City that wasn't touched by destruction. Just miles of open fields bordering the forestry. It was quiet and peaceful.

"She sounds like a very special girl. I'm truly sorry you lost her." Charlie told him sympathetically, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks." He said, covering her hand with his, appreciating her thoughtful words. "Kassie was one of a kind. She kept everyone together even during those dark days when Lindy went over the hill because of the break up. She could keep her in check. She was defiantly the glue that held us together."

"I hope I can live up to her name." Charlie looked down at the grass, her cheeks flushing lightly. "I hope I don't disappoint her..."

Ares bodily turned towards Charlie and with his hand he placed it under her chin and tilted her head up. "You could never disappoint her, Kassie was one person who would tell you just to try and be your own person, your own warrior." His thumb brushes along her jawline. "You're not alone in this fight, Charlie. You have Caleb and Lindy." He swallows the lump in his throat. "And you have me. I meant what I said, I won't let anything happen to you. I will keep you safe."

"Ares...I can't expect..."

He shakes his head. "It's not up for discussion. I won't lose you too."

In the short amount of time she's known Ares and gotten to know him, she realized he was quite stubborn. And this was no exception.

"We should probably head inside." She tells him as she slowly stands to her feet. "As much as I mind the peace out here, there's a chill I can not shake."

Ares was to his feet. "I enjoyed our time together, Charlie." He states as he follows her to the door of the safe house. "I was wondering if you would stay with me tonight."

She stops dead in her tracks, her eyes were wide as she watched him walk pass her.

He laughs. "Not that way." He pulls open the screen door and waits for her. "To tell you the truth, I don't want to be alone tonight. I would like your company. Of course, unless you don't want too, I understand."

Charlie stared at him for a moment. There wasn't any sexual advances coming from his words or his eyes or even his body language. He was never inappropriate when it came to her. He was a gentleman. He was truly sincere with just having her around.

Any other time she might have declined his offer or thought he was crazy. She wasn't gonna fall for his attics, but there was something different about Ares Kellan. He wasn't like other guys she has encountered.

She took the steps to the door and stopped when she was eye level with him. She realized than she too didn't want to be alone. His company was comforting and eases the tension that has built up since this has all begun. He made it easier to relax and just be herself whenever she was around him. Ares brought out a different side to herself that she was just now starting to like. "I hope you're not a bed hog." She smiled as she opened the door and went inside.

Ares chuckled as he followed her inside, closing and locking the door behind him. "You'll be the first to know if I am."
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