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    Twenty years ago, the interdimensional wizard Zordon and his trusty robot assistant Alpha 5, bestowed five teenagers with attitude the power to become spandex clad superheroes, complete with laser blasters and giant mechas. It was so rad.

    Also twenty years ago, two young children with demonstrably less attitude got swept up in the televised adventures of these Power Rangers.

    Now, two decades wiser, Mathew Groom (a marketing coordinator by day) and Michael Busuttil (a graphic designer by trade, who crafted both our website and logo) are revisiting Angel Grove to watch episodes of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers all over again, and they’re taking you with them, for better or worse. Join them (along with a guest host) as they dive into the nostalgia well each week, examining the morphenomenal exploits of the Power Rangers through the lens of adulthood, reflecting on what Power Rangers meant us then and now, and using each episode as a springboard to talk about the very nature of life itself. And also how righteous giant mechas are (spoiler warning: they’re way righteous).

    You can follow us on the Twitters at @rangerdcast, on Facebook, or get in contact with us directly at rangerdangerpodcast@gmail.com.

    Enjoy the show!

iS 267: The Rangers’ Mega Voyage

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Mathew Groom & Michael Busuttil

Things are ironically muted on the podcast this week, as we watch the Power Rangers in Space episode ‘The Rangers’ Mega Voyage’! Why did the Rangers do Alpha dirty like that? Why are the Rangers’ torches so disappointing? And why should TJ be feeling pretty hard done by? The answers to these questions and more await, on this episode of the Ranger Danger in Space podcast!

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