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  1. GekiYellow

    Power Ranger Bulletin

    wow! ty! and you are yellow ranger/moderator on there!
  2. GekiYellow

    The Clouds Present: Mystic Ruby's Interview!

    i was way little when i first discovered. next question, in mmpr, how did you feel when zack, trini, jason, and kim were replaced?
  3. GekiYellow

    Power Ranger Bulletin

    Power Ranger Bulletin! EDIT: i just changed to a new forum but click below if u want to visit the create my bb one. Ranger Bulletin
  4. GekiYellow

    The Clouds Present: Mystic Ruby's Interview!

    your welcome. First question. In real life, what age did you know about power rangers?
  5. GekiYellow

    Ranger X World

    Mystical shadow. i can make forums too. i joined as: Hizumina rikku.
  6. GekiYellow

    Testers needed for site!

    count me in too. i would like to test.
  7. GekiYellow


    hey anahi!!!!!!! its me! hizumina!
  8. GekiYellow

    Power Rangers United

    that was a great movie to hear on a sunday....... lol lastnight i had a strange dream. it was about refixing astronema like to good again, then andros attacked her. then the rangers,,,,,,, weird....... (stand my ground!!!!!!!) LOL....... i like that movie! *gives kirommy_lover a A+*
  9. GekiYellow

    Ranger Archives

    nature, i am your moderator, hizumina
  10. GekiYellow

    Exclusive Interview With......Overdrive Pink

    the fact that i cant get me a guild.......
  11. GekiYellow

    Bald Britney

    it is disturbing! and it will grow back! and funny avvi eff dash
  12. GekiYellow

    Funny cartoon thread.

    i saw one like that that has this: Teacher: Hi Class! Kids: Hi Mrs Something-something! Teacher: Im pregant! one kid: Is it a boy or girl? Teacher: neither! its Candy! Kids: Yay!
  13. GekiYellow

    Power Rangers abc

    Hanson (tori's last name)
  14. GekiYellow

    The Quote Game!

    edit their quotes to what they didnt say Example: Before....... (QUOTE - Hi) After....... (QUOTE - i live in a box o.o) its funny to see someone that lives in a box!
  15. GekiYellow

    Power Rangers abc

    <div class='quotemain'>Originally posted by Jack Tudor I WILL DESTROY THE WORLD!

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