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  1. I actually have no words to describe how excited I am for this!
  2. BlueLegacy

    What was your favorite season of Power Rangers?

    I agree with adoring the old Saban days. MMPR will always be a classic. iS is also fantastic. Disney days, I would have to say I truly loved SPD and RPM. Newer days, I can't attest to them too much. I usually always start the Nickelodeon seasons and try to see if they can hold my interest. They usually don't. Dino Charge was the only Nickelodeon season that I actually tried to watch faithfully.
  3. BlueLegacy

    Black Panther

    Black Panther was far more than just an incredible superhero movie. This was an incredible film as a whole. Phenomenal performances from everyone involved. The fights were absolutely incredible to watch. I will absolutely be seeing it again!
  4. BlueLegacy

    Major Update 2/14

    It's nice to see some of these old posts! I was chatting with Illy not too long ago about how much I missed the old days. Nice to get to walk down memory lane a bit!
  5. BlueLegacy


    You absolutely should, if and when you get the chance. What the guys over at Boom have done with the mythos has been fantastic. The Go Go Power Rangers series is also really great with getting to see how being a ranger actually effects their day to day teenage lives.
  6. BlueLegacy


    The Boom Studios comic series has been absolutely fantastic to read. I couldn't be more excited for the Shattered Grid event!
  7. BlueLegacy

    Power Rangers 2 Movie Ideas

    Interesting idea of introducing the Dino Thunder characters. For me personally, one thing I really want to see in a potential sequel is a terrifying Lord Zedd. He scared the crap out of me when he was first introduced to the show when I was a child. It's only fitting that he's that scary now. Also, I'd really like to see some more of Zordon and Rita's history as rangers themselves. And just how Rita was tempted to cross over to the dark side. And obviously Tommy to be the ultimate badass. And I would agree, start off with him or her as a bully; that would definitely make for a more interesting transition after breaking free from Rita.
  8. BlueLegacy

    Introduce yourself!

    Hellooooo! It's so good to be back! New PRE means new name for me; it's Andrew, aka Sylar from the old board. It's so great to be back and to see some familiar faces popping back up *coughcough*Illy*coughcough* *coughcough*Danny*coughcough* Thanks for bringing the board back, Mes! I'm looking forward to being back

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