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  1. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    Yay! Another familiar! Welcome back!
  2. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome back Mike.
  3. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    Holy crap another! Welcome back!
  4. Can I write on your profile?



    1. Illy


      Lol yes you can.



    2. Zephyrmon


      Good! buwhahaha!

  5. Illy

    Super Sentai

    So my curiosity is wondering is Super Sentai still going? Are there new shows? I haven't seen anything in years so I wanna catch up. Who can help a girl out with this burning question?
  6. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    I'm so glad to see familiar faces again.
  7. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.
  8. Illy

    Darci Lynne -- Americas Got Talent

    So I watched all her performances and i thought she was incredible. I haven't seen anything quite like it either. I understand the difficulties of talking without moving your lips and everything but singing that brings it to a whole new level. I'm glad she won. She deserved it.
  9. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    We need to find someone that was on RC staff or was a regular there for that answer.
  10. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    DANNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say now. Lol
  11. Illy

    Introduce yourself!

    Whoo hoo PRE! I've always wondered if there would ever be a time that we would see PRE again. We've had some wonderful times in the past. In hopes to make new fond memories too. We can't forget you're the father of the meso babies too, Chad. They have grown up to be the terrors we all have feared and loved. Lol (did you forget already?)
  12. Illy

    How Long Have You Been A Member?

    I've been here for almost a year and a half. I don't even remember how I came across PRE and I doubt that I ever will remember. I think, just like a lot of you, I came for the downloads when I first joined because I haven't seen it in like years but once I started posting and opened my own gallery, I've been sucked into the never ending world of PRE. Plus it was friendly. Not many forums have that friendly vibe to it. PRE is my home and it always will be. Besides my forum, it's the only one that I'm active at.
  13. Illy

    Vb Or Ipb?

    I voted for IPB!!! VB for PRE is cursed. We've had more problems on VB then we've had since we've gone back to IPB. I like the features that you get with your spiffy profile. To me personally besides the only thing I liked about VB was the mods access, other then that, I thought VB was very plain. I've grown to like IPB since we started it. I'm actually use to it. I don't want to go back. Plus VB IS CURSED!! Did I mention that already? lol Also it's a good thing that we're different then all the other forums. It makes us just that more special. IPB man. Also I liked the old smilies. I miss my tongue smilie and my cry smilie....hell I miss them all. The smilies now are cute but they are dull. They don't do anything except sit there and stare at you and yeah that's just creepy. lol So yeah, IPB!!!
  14. Illy

    Transformers Movie 2 1/2 Hours Long

    I, personally, is waiting for this movie to come out so I can go see it. I wanna see Bubblebee. Optimus looks cool in that pic. From what I've seen from the teasers, I think it'll be good. It needs to hurry up and get here...the day I mean because I wanna see it.
  15. Illy

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday, RSW. Hope your day is grand and you don't get bloated from all the cake you eat.

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