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  1. Official Facebook page of Jason David Frank, the original Green Power Ranger and Bloodshot in the new Valiant Entertainment project, Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe.
  2. At age five, Austin began practicing martial arts. He holds a second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and a first degree black belt in Judo. He loves baseball, sushi, and most importantly, his fans. But beyond all other aspects of his life by far, Austin is best known for his role as the Original Red Ranger in every country out side of Japan in the Power Rangers franchise. When he began his role as Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger in the hit series “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and the Gold Ranger in “Power Rangers Zeo”), he had no idea it would lead him to where he is today. Very few people have enjoyed the same level of notoriety from a single role than has Austin St. John. Since his time on Power Rangers, he has dedicated his life to his community, country and his fans. Austin spent 16 years in the Fire Dept as Paramedic running 911 calls to people in need at their worst and some times final hour. Four of his years as a medic in the Middle East for the War. He retired in 2014 and re-fell in love with all that the show and its fans represent even more than before! From Movies, TV, Comicon appearances and providing memorabilia, he has spent his time doing as much as he possibly can for his fans, to whom he attributes his success. The love fans share for the show inspires Austin to always deliver at the highest level. Because of his dedication to his supporters, Austin personally handles each and every transaction at St. John Enterprises and oversees all customer service.
  3. AMY JO JOHNSON is a multi-faceted artist with over twenty years experience in the entertainment industry. Working successfully as an actress for more than two decades, Johnson is most known for her roles as Julie Emrick on the critically acclaimed series Felicity, and Jules Callaghan on the award-winning Canadian series Flashpoint. Amy Jo’s first acting job was as the original Pink Power Ranger from 1994’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In 2012 Amy Jo stepped behind the camera to begin her career as a filmmaker. Her first three short films and feature screenplay have won numerous awards. Johnson’s debut feature film The Space Between was named project of the year by Indiewire.com in 2015 and part of the Tribeca All Access Lab. The film had a successful festival run with its world premiere at Shanghai International Film Festival ending with Gina Davis’s Bentonville Film Festival. The Space Between then went on to have a North American theatrical release and is now available on VOD. Amy Jo recently graduated from the Canadian Film Centre’s Director’s Lab and is currently developing her 2nd feature Crazier Than You.
  4. Mesogog

    What would you like to see?

    Nah that's not too needy at all! LOL
  5. https://www.gq.com/story/breaking-original-power-rangers-movie-soundtrack-still-a-banger Would you agree?
  6. Mesogog


    Queen and the new soundtrack for a Star is Born (the movie). I haven't had much time to listen to music lately beyond whats on the radio but I'm a fan of Queen and tend to listen to their music a bit more frequently. A shame Freddies dead. I wonder what other kind of music he would have graced us with. But I'm glad he left us with what he did. It's the stuff of legend.
  7. https://comicbook.com/powerrangers/2018/10/07/power-rangers-alpha-1-debuts-go-go/ Next year is going to be quite busy for the team in Go Go Power Rangers, and it turns out it will also feature the debut of the original Alpha. That's right, get ready to meet Alpha 1. The original incarnation of Alpha was revealed at BOOM! Studios Power Rangers Beyond The Grid panel, and is based on a design by Dan Mora. As you can see in the image below, gone is the familiar domed head, though it is still represented thanks to the glowing yellow orb surrounding his head. While he's still got legs, the feet feature full treads as opposed to the more humanistic legs Alpha 5 has. He also still has the red and yellow armor, though it has been given a tweak as well. Fans have met several Alphas over the course of Power Rangers, including the beloved Alpha 5, Alpha 4, Alpha 6, Alpha 7, and Alpha 55, who debuted in Power Rangers HyperForce. It was previously said that Alpha 4 was the Alpha who helped Zordon build the Command Center, so we're interested to find out just what Alpha 1 has to do with the legacy of Power Rangers. We'll have to wait until 2019 to meet Alpha 1, but in the meantime there is still plenty to look forward to in 2019, starting with Go Go Power Rangers #13. Go Go Power Rangers #13 is written by Ryan Parrott and drawn by Dan Mora. You can check out the official description below. "After the shocking conclusion of Shattered Grid , the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are still picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa sets into motion a plan to retrieve an artifact that might be the key to besting Zordon and the Rangers once and for all..." Go Go Power Rangers #13 hits comic stores on October 10th.
  8. The old powerrangerempire.com domain will forward to this new address and name. The new address is powerranger.tv All original content remains and will remain. Some content will be updated to reflect the changes also. PRE social media is changing to reflect the new name as well. I will keep you all updated as more is happening!
  9. The Off Topic and Power Rangers forums have merged into this one.
  10. https://www.powerrangersnow.com/power-rangers-reaches-new-viewership-lows/ This article is from just a little over a year ago but I think it speaks volumes on why the movie only did so-so and why even online interest is there, but only marginally even a year later. Unless Hasbro finds a way to re-invigorate the franchise, it's likely plateaued and will continue a downward spiral trend. In fact, only a good season or something that brings life back to the franchise may temporarily pull it from the gutter. Here is that article. Its got valid points. So, whats next? What can Hasbro do? It's obvious for many reasons interest has whaned but it doesn't mean its dead either.: --------------------------------------------- The classic saying above rings true in many aspects of life, but perhaps no truer than when thinking of Saban Brands, who has continued to trot out the same, consistent Power Rangers product year after year despite blatant warning signs on the horizon. Year after year, Saban Brands continues to slap on the word “Super” and produce a Power Rangers TV show that disappoints fans in quality. Year after year, Nickelodeon continues to elect for a summer hiatus that causes an annual viewership drop that’s proven unrecoverable. Year after year, Saban Brands continues to remain unwilling or unable to prevent international territories from airing new episodes months in advance, unleashing a barrage of online leaks and spoilers. And year after year, Power Rangers’ TV ratings continue to decline, as the brand loses more fans by the day. So, it should come as no surprise that Power Rangers has finally reached its lowest point in viewership, as Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s mid-summer premiere failed to break even 1 million viewers for the first time in the Saban Brands era of Power Rangers (2011-present). ‘Rocking And Rolling’, the 9th episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, marked the TV show’s return to Nickelodeon on August 12, but only 950,000 viewers tuned in. Sinking below 1 million viewers is an obvious cause for concern for a TV show that was once closing in on 4 million viewers in 2011 when Saban Brands bought back the Power Rangers property from Disney. What this equates to is a 75% reduction in audience over Saban Brands’ 7-year run with the brand. Although the data is both concerning and disappointing, one thing it’s surely not is surprising. As Saban Brands continues to trot out the same product and formula on a yearly basis, refusing to enact any change despite the blatant warning signs and negative data staring them in the face, the painful downfall of the Power Rangers can be seen as nothing other than expected. Surely some of Power Rangers’ viewership decline can be attributed to the current changes in technology, as consumers shift away from traditional TV services in favor of streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. However, not all of Power Rangers’ struggles can be attributed to changing consumer habits, as no TV show on Nickelodeon has lost a bigger percentage of its audience since 2011 than Power Rangers. Still, in hopes of improvement, fans will continue to call for change in a world that consistently demands it. The only question is, will Saban Brands wake up to the reality surrounding their #1 brand before it’s too late to save it? Or is it already too late to truly save the Power Rangers from the depths of irrelevancy? The Power Rangers have defied many odds, and defeated many villains over their 25-year run. But if Saban Brands’ plan is have them take down one of Albert Einstein’s most timeless quotes, the data clearly shows, it’s not working. Insanity IS doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Content from Power Rangers NOW: https://www.powerrangersnow.com/power-rangers-reaches-new-viewership-lows/
  11. This short article is over a year old but I stumbled across it and thought it was cool to see how the new PR movie suits were made. Check it out! https://www.wetaworkshop.com/news/latest/weta-workshop-gives-sabans-power-rangers-suits-a-mighty-reboot/
  12. http://sciencefiction.com/2018/09/24/299455/ When you think of your favorite characters from animated television series and movies, do you think of the characters face first, or the voice that brings them to life? We often don’t realize just how many of these characters are played by the same few actors, or how some of these voice actors could have hundreds of roles to their credit by truly breathing these characters into existence with only their voice? This past week we were able to sit down with legendary voice actor Richard Horvitz, who you may know best from his roles as Invader Zim (‘Invader Zim’), Daggett (‘The Angry Beavers’), Raz (‘Psychonauts’), Billy (‘The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy’), or of course for his arguably most famous role, Alpha 5 (‘Power Rangers’). We spoke to Richard about his time in the industry, got the inside scoop on ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’, and even got some exciting new information about the return to ‘Invader Zim’! What are you waiting for? Check out our full interview with Richard Horvitz below! Science Fiction (SF): Okay so, you’re arguably one of the most prolific voice actors in the industry. How did you get your start? Richard Horvitz (RH): You know, it’s funny. I didn’t start out trying to be a voice actor. I was an on-camera actor since I was 10! In fact, this year will be my 42nd year as a professional actor. I had a commercial agent at the time who shared an office with a voice over agent by the name of Sandie Schnarr, and I walked over to her and said I wanted to do voice over. She said “well you have to make a demo reel”, so I did! Back then everything was reel to reel. But I made one, I gave it to her, and I started doing radio commercials first with a few TV spots here and there. About five years in I started doing animation! SF: You know it’s funny, but it was maybe a year ago that I was rewatching the classic comedy ‘Summer School’ and I first recognized your voice when you came on screen and I said “no way! That’s Richard Horvitz!” RH: Exactly! I did a movie not too long ago, about nine years ago now called ‘The Informant’ where I play Matt Damon’s attorney! And I had a great big burly beard and then you hear Zim’s voice come out of that face and most people don’t put those two together! SF: This year marks the 25th anniversary for the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise! How does it feel to have been part of such an iconic piece of pop culture history? RH: You know, I’ve had mixed feelings about the ‘Power Rangers’ for years. There’s some good memories, some not so good memories, but what’s amazing is to have been a part of something that has lasted the test of time! They just keep changing the name except of course for the words ‘Power Rangers’. SF: And you were one of the shows longest running characters! Did you have a lot of say in the Alpha 5 character’s personality and development? RH: You know it’s funny, I’ll tell you exactly how it happened! A friend of mine was editing this pilot in an offline edit bay, and he says to me “Saban needs the voice of a robot, can you come in and do a temp track?” And I came in and went “Zordon the Power Rangers are in trouble!” and they immediately said “Yes! You are Alpha, we don’t need to process his voice! We’ll save money.” so that’s what they did. What I did have say in? There were two different women who played Alpha 5 on set and they’ve got hips! If you see Alpha, you can see he’s got hips! And we needed to think of something that was like a catch phrase because every time he would shuffle his hips would move up and down! And it reminded me of Charro, of all things. So I came up with the ‘aiyiyiyiyi”! That’s mine. SF: You were the voice of Alpha, while he was physically embodied by actresses Romy Scharf and Sandi Sellner. Did you ever spend any time on set with any of the shows cast, or was your work on the show more of a “only voice work” scenario? RH: Never! I think most of the voice actors you could talk to from the show would tell you, we only ran into the Power Rangers when they were there to do their own ADR work. Other than that? I think I have seen them more at conventions like these then we ever saw them in person while making the show. SF: Do you have any favorite memories from your time with the show? Whether it’s a moment with a fan, or perhaps from the production? RH: You know, my favorite episode of the show was the wedding episode where Zedd and Rita get married! I liked it because they made Alpha turn evil, which I liked because it was a departure and as you know most of my characters tend to be more villainous. I remember at the time, the movie ‘Tombstone’ was out, and I love the scene where Val Kilmer is like “I’ll be your Huckleberry”, so I really wanted Alpha- when the Rangers find him in the Command Center, and he’s all evil, I wanted him to say “I’ll be your Huckleberry”! But we couldn’t do it, but I loved that! SF: Did you see the new ‘Power Rangers’ film from last year? If so, what are your thoughts on Bill Hader’s take on Alpha? RH: No, I didn’t see it. And I just don’t understand why they didn’t use the voices, because there’s no reason not to just use the voices! I found it to be lacking… well actually I didn’t see it so I can’t really say. But I’m not particularly impressed one way or the other. SF: Outside of Power Rangers, your best known character is probably Invader Zim from his self titled series. After over a decade the show is set to return as a new TV Movie ‘Enter The Florpus’, whats it like to return to the Zim character after all of these years and what can you tell us about the new movie? RH: I can’t tell you anything about the new movie other than that you can see the trailer and that it’s called “Enter The Florpus”; but don’t ask me what a ‘Florpus’ is because I don’t even know! But what’s amazing about it is that after sixteen years, the entire cast is back, and Jhonen is back directing, writing, and producing. It was like stepping into old shoes and picking up right were we left off as far as our relationships. The show has progressed and been updated though! If you’ve seen the character designs, it’s a lot like the comic book series. If you’re a fan of the original show, you’re going to love it! SF: Do you think there’s hope for more Zim after the movie? RH: There is always hope! I always felt that the show was a generation ahead of it’s time. And my proof in that is that we only did twenty-six episodes, and now the kids that watched it are having kids of their own and they’re all six or seven years old, and they’re all about Zim! I think there is always hope for more. SF: Over the years you have voiced an insane number of characters across various series. Would you say you have one that really stands out as your favorite, or that you relate to the most? RH: Well it’s hard to pick a favorite because so much of me goes into the characters I create, but I would say the one that is the most like me is Daggett from “The Angry Beavers”. SF: Are there any other projects you have coming up you can tell us about? RH: I’ve got a couple of other shows going! I’ve got one called ‘Micronauts’, I’ve got the video game sequel ‘Psychonauts 2’ coming out soon, and a bunch of other shows! I do ‘Henry Danger’, ‘Tangled’, and ‘Elena of Avalor’ is coming out! I’m also currently in the new ‘World Of Warcraft’! So it’s been a good ride! SF: If you had one message to tell your fans, what would it be? RH: Thank you for your support! I wouldn’t be where I am if what I did didn’t resonate for you! I am grateful for my fans! You can look forward to hearing Richard Horvitz reprise his role as Zim in the upcoming ‘Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus’ TV movie that is set to release sometime in the next few months!
  13. Mesogog

    What video games are you playing right now?

    I've beaten Skyrim. Will never beat GTA V because all I do is explore the world and keep missing all of the missions. And I like the Battlefield games. Can't wait for Red Dead 2 either! Witcher 3 is amazing if you like RPGs. Especially on the Xbox One X with the extra visual flair. But get it anyways even if you don't have one. You won't regret it. I dunno. I've gotten way more games than I will probably beat. LOL

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