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Jason Faunt Reveals The Best Part Of Filming 'Power Rangers: Time Force'

Power Rangers Time Force is still considered one of the best seasons in franchise history, and Red Ranger Jason Faunt feels that comes down to one key thing.

Faunt, who played Red Ranger Wesley Collins, revealed his favorite part of filming the hit show, which was Time Force's real ace in the hole.

"You know I think the relationships that our cast had," Faunt said. "We were very, very close, and during the filming, ya know I haven't seen all the different seasons, but it felt like we were always doing something different. Where we filmed, our locations, but I think the closeness of the cast is what really set us apart, because they're like brothers and sisters to me today so we enjoyed that, that camaraderie."

Time Force released in 2001 but took place in the year 3000 in a utopian-like society. In that time all criminals are successfully in cryogenic prison, save for one named Ransik, and it is he who manages to free a host of other criminals before heading back in time. The Rangers follow him to the year 2001, and that's where the majority of the show takes place.

Wesley isn't actually the first Time Force Red Ranger in the show. When Ransik frees the prisoners he manages to slay the current Red Time Force Ranger Alex, leaving the Rangers down a man. When they get to the year 2001, they meet Alex's ancestor, who turns out to be Wesley, and he then is brought into the team.

Faunt would reprise the role of Wesley once more in Power Rangers Wild Force, including the fan favorite Forever Red episode that united 10 other Red Rangers from all across the timeline. He also took part in the Legendary Battle reunion episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Faunt's era of Power Rangers is also the setting for the recent Hyper RPG Saban partnership Power Rangers Hyperforce. The show features a new team Time Force cadets that end up back in the past, which turns out to be 1994 Angel Grove. Time Force Pink Ranger Jen Scott appeared in the first episode, and fans would certainly love to have another Ranger show up right?
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Exclusive: Lord Drakkon To Return To Power Rangers
A new teaser was revealed for an upcoming story event at the Go Go Power Rangers Panel at New York Comic Con. The image features a Power Rangers lightning bolt with cracks all throughout, titled with the caption 'The War Is Coming". The action kicks off with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 and BOOM! Studios is calling it the event the biggest Power Rangers story they've told yet.

Lord Drakkon is an evil version of Tommy Oliver, one who decided to go back to Rita's side after the events of Green with Evil. He succeeded in taking down their command center and even a few of the Rangers themselves, resulting in Drakkon taking the Green and White Ranger powers for himself.

Click the link below for more info! What are your thoughts on this?



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Ninja Steel Episode Discussion
Post all of the latest Ninja Steel episode discussions here.

Starting with this one!

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PRE will be launching Live Streaming directly from PRE this coming week!

The best part? All members will be able to take advantage of it.....for FREE!

So what does this mean?

Simple. If you want to share a Live Stream of yours with other PRE members you will be able to do so and it will be shown directly on PRE in the Video section.

So say you are at Power Morphicon and want to Live Stream it to PRE members, you will be able to do so. Remember this will not cost anything to do and it's simple to get started!

Or if I want to do a Q&A.....or I have a surprise guest that wants to interact live with you guys, it is all able to be done.  

It's already there and ready to go. I just have to flip the switch. When I do I will make an announcement and it will be available to use immediately. 

As you can tell I've been also doing some work on PRE. Yes there are some glitches I am aware of. Mainly on the skin side.

I'm doing the best with what I have at the moment. Things will keep improving. And its possible you may notice changes while you are here. DO NOT WORRY! They are temporary as I keep trying to play catch up. Remember, PRE was not ready to be opened yet but was opened early due to RangerCrews surprise closure.

Regardless, there are more surprises that will be announced soon. So stay tuned!


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